a late sunday afternoon

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this is my first fanfiction from one of the manga(japanese comic) 

i currently reading. 

if your wondering about reading something like this already, 

your right, i've also post this in another website




It was late Sunday afternoon two persons where inside the locker room at maid latte


"Just wait a little more its coming"

"Ah…it hurts hurry take it off already "

"is it too big for the pres handle"

"Ah just take it OFF"

"alright im trying my best"

"then faster..ahhh I think im ganna bleed"

"your not going to bleed prez I assure you that"


Mean while at the other side of the door someone ...maybe few people where listening

"what the" whispered honoka as she tried to listen clearly

"moe"was the only word that came out from satsuki, a.k.a. THE MANAGER's mouth

as pink flowers appeared ,surrounding her

"Please usui faster"


"ahh…in came look …i told you…its..really big"said a black raven haired girl with a trembling low voice. but loud enough to be heard from the other

side of the door.

"come on prez your making me –"before he can even finish what he was saying, the raven haired girl, also known as Misaki Ayazawa had already

given him a soft punch in his arm.

"mmm…thanks…usui" misaki said

Rustle, rustle, whisper, whisper

Then she walked toward the place where the noise is coming from…the door

When she opened the door she was surprise,by noticing it too usui when toward the door

"what are you all doing here" misaki ask

"we're the one who should be asking here?" said honoka as a matter of fact

"I-I didn't know that you were all..already…"said Subaru

"in short we didn't know that your not a virgin anymore misaki-chi" added aoi with one brow raise up high

Misaki is now dumbfound while usui burst into laughing

"jeez …no she is still a 'V'" usui explained

"what"ask satsuki

"ma…manager usui here was just helping me with ahh…"misaki said with a beat red face

"with a BIG splinter in her index finger" usui added

"really but you sounded like you're in a deep pleasure,just hearing you moan like that" ask aoi

Misaki blush even more

"no…no no no I didn't" she said she waves her hand as a sign of denying

"so prez was in pleasure am I really that good?if so "he mocked "we can continue it in my place" he whispered near her ear making those little hair, at her sensitive nape, to stand

"shut up you…you PERVERTED OUTER SPACE ALIEN" misaki yelled on top of her lungs

The others was now astound and was a little bit embarrass from what they did


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