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god, she's so beautiful
lalisa manoban caught herself staring in awe at jennie kim once again, and she snapped herself out of it. she and jennie were sitting just a few inches away from one another, and she realised how much it made her heart pound in her ribs. she stared at the way jennie's slender fingers glided across her phone screen.
i want to hold them

since young, lisa found herself more attracted to girl groups than boy groups. she never questioned why, she just let it be.
"i just like them as an idol" she shrugged.
lisa didn't hate the fact that she wasn't straight, but she was not quite ready to accept herself yet. she thought that her friends around her would feel uncomfortable and start to distant themselves away, which was the worst thing that could happen to a girl living alone in a foreign country.

once again, she reminisced the first time she stepped foot into the yg building. this big, unfamiliar place so far from home. she was scared, of course, but she had a dream to pursue, a dream she could never give up on. as she was working her way through the maze-like building to get to the management office, she bumped into a goddes- a girl, i meant.

this girl was the prettiest she had ever laid her eyes on, with silky long hair and hazel brown eyes. little did lisa know, she fell in love at first sight.

"are you lost?" the girl asked with the most genuine smile.

"y-yeah... it's my first time here actually." lisa stuttered nervously.

the girl's eyes widened in excitement, "yay a new friend! come with me i'll lead you to yg-nim. "

on their way to the management office, the girls got to know each other more which made lisa a happy jumpy kid.

lisa found out that the girl's name was jennie and she was a year older than lisa,
perfect, she thought.

since that day, jennie was lisa's one and only friend in this unfamiliar country, she trusted jennie with everything that troubled her, and jennie did too. day and night they would talk non-stop, even during training.
"work it girl," lisa would whisper to jennie everytime she brushed past the latter in the midst of dancing, causing both of them to smile like idiots.

they were best friends, and lisa was more than glad to have jennie in her life.


[a/n: hellooo this is my first time writing so forgive me for the short chapters :D i'll try my best to update regularly and thank you for reading 💗 jenlisa ftw]

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