Chapter thirty: Sorry princess, this is gonna hurt.

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"You're over him cause you like Asher now." He smirked and I scowled.

"He's with Taylor, and even if did there's no way we could ever be together." I deadpanned and his phone began ringing.

He rolled his eyes, "Speak of the devil." 

"I thought he was mad at you?" I said and he motioned for me to hang on.

"Because I need to find him." Damien stated in annoyance, "Personal reasons." He leaned against the counter and mouthed 'Oh my god'. I laughed silently, "I'm busy."

He put the phone on speaker and now I realized that it was everyone on the phone with him.

"What the fuck are you busy doing?" His dad growled, "You left two hours ago. And it's Christmas."

"It's Christmas. You're normally here on Christmas, no where else." Blake deadpanned harshly.

Jesus are they always this mean to him?

"I'm spending Christmas with a friend. I'm at her house right now." He sighed in annoyance.

"You don't have any friends besides us." Asher stated matter of factly. 

"I do too." He scoffed and my mouth gaped at their rudeness.

"Really? Who?" Clark snorted.

"Me!" I shouted and the other line went dead. "He's spending Christmas with me because you jerks can't put aside a petty argument and spend the holiday together. He's not doing any of your stupid jobs right now. He's busy. Buh-bye." I stated and before they could get a word out, Damien hung up.

"That was amazing."

"Are they always this mean?" I asked.

He wavered his hand indicating sort of, "All my life all they've done is order me around. I actually find it amusing when they're mad now."

"If you weren't born into it, do you think you would've gotten involved in mayhem?" I asked softly and he sighed.

"Probably not. I've always wanted to do good in school, graduate, go to college, and open up my own car shop." He stated.

"Really?" My eyes widened in surprise and he nodded.

"But I really never got the chance to do good in school, I was always out of school on jobs with my dad and now, I'm out on them with the guys or by myself so I miss so many days and there's just no point in trying. The only reason the guys and I are still passing is because we get our homework done."

"Damn. Speaking of homework." I mumbled and pulled out my phone to check my email. Mr. Woods emailed me back saying it was acceptable for me to work on my own except it had to be immaculate. "Yes."

"Damn. Lucky. No offense but your sister sucks at singing." He cringed and I snorted.

"None taken. It's true. I'm the only singer of the family that doesn't make people's ears bleed."

"From what I've heard, you sound really good. Have you finished your song?" He asked curiously and I nodded. "Can I hear it?"

I nodded, "I finished one out of three." I mumbled and motioned for him to follow me into the living room. I sat at the keyboard and began playing.

"One Mississippi, you're here. Lovin' me with your whole heart." I started and I smiled at Damien's reaction, "And two Mississippi, we scream to watch each other fall apart. Three Mississippi, you're gone sayin' that you're done, you don't want it no more. And four Mississippi, you're home, like nothin' ever happened at all."

"Damn..." he mumbled as I began to sing the bridge.

"Why do I stay? I know I should leave. Mascara fallin' down my cheek. But you pull me in and make me forget about the broken glass on our skin..." a grin made its way to my face as I thought about when Asher and I were in the car chase, "We don't get scared when the sirens come. A little fucked up 'cause we think it's fun. We kiss just to make up, we love just to break up. We head for disaster, but live for the danger..We count." I sang and he let out a laugh as I sang the chorus again then started the next verse, "I like the way, that you set the scene. The way you breathe in your nicotine I like the way it burns when you say goodbye I like the way it hurts when you screw with my mind..Or am I fucked up that I think it's fun? That we don't get scared when the sirens come..we kiss just to make up, we love just to break up. We head for disaster, but live for the danger we count." I sang the chorus once again then began to sing all different sorts of notes, "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh..One Mississippi, you're here. Lovin' me with your whole heart. And two Mississippi, we scream...To watch each other fall apart. One Mississippi, you're here, lovin' me with your whole heart, and two Mississippi, we scream to watch each other fall apart...Three Mississippi, you're gone..Sayin' that you're done, you don't want it no more and  four Mississippi, you're home..Like nothin' ever happened at all." I finished and he began clapping.

"That was amazing." He stated, "You're seriously talented." I shook them head with a grin and he picked up the box. "Open it."

"You didn't have to-"

"Open it." He cut me off with an eye roll.

I sighed and began to unwrap it when the door busted open and gun shots began to be shot.

"What the fuck?" Damien stated and pushed me behind him. "Stay behind me." He whispered as the men walked in and held guns up to us.

"Where is he?" One man snarled.

"Who?" Damien said calmly with his hands up.

I wanted to show 'Bitch don't you have a gun? Shoot him!' But I retained myself from doing so.

"Your father. Caden." The man pointed the gun at me. Someone snatched my arm from behind me and dragged me up. I felt a cold hard metal pressed against the my temple. My breath hitched and tears poured down my face.

"Let her go." Damien growled getting his two feet. He reached for something and the gun to my head make a clicking noise.

"Move and I kill this bitch right now." The man growled and I whimpered as tears slid down my face. He grabbed my arm and tugged me out the door. "Caden wouldn't want anything happening to his precious daughter now would he?" The man grumbled as they threw me in the back of an SUV then tied me up.

"Sorry princess, this is going to hurt." The man chuckled then I felt a blow to my head.

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