Chapter 29

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Angel's POV

My hair flew all around my head with the wind that went past us as the twins ran. I held onto Tyler's fur as hard as I could in fear of flying off with that high speed they ran with.

They both dodged and jumped over fallen logs that sometimes would reach over the top of my head had I stood next to it.

They were running so fast that everything around us was just a hazy mix of colours for me and I feared that they would bump into a tree.

After a few minutes of running we arrived at the pack house. I thought that Tyler will let me down and they will shift but nope. He didn't let me down and they walked towards the huge front door in their wolf forms.

Somehow Ryder managed to open the door with his paw and we went in. Standing in the entrance of the living room all commotion in the room stopped. They turned to look at us and once they saw me sitting on Tyler's back, they began cheering and clapping, smiling and I swear I saw some tears.

"Um, do any of you know where my family is?"

"They should all be in the kitchen, Luna." One of the women answered me.

"Thank you and please don't call me Luna, call me Angel. All of you."

They nodded and the twins headed to the kitchen.

I had to lean forward as Tyler went through the kitchen's doorway so that I wouldn't bump my head.

Stepping in we could hear the end of Chris' sentence. His hands were around Jaxson's waist and he was glaring at Stefan, who was for some reason glaring at Jaxson, who was also glaring at Stefan.

"- I'm sure the Luna won't like it once she gets here and I don't like it, so you better stop."

I butted in as no one had noticed us yet because they were so engrossed in listening to the arguing.

"What's going on here?"

The ones who were sitting nearly jumped out of their seats and the ones standing just jumped from surprise.

"Little sis!" Jaxson and Stefan yelled exactly in sync.

When they realized it, they glared at each other again.

"Okayyy... what's going on?" What's wrong with them?

Katherine was the first to get over her shock and answered my question.

"Oh it's nothing. They're just arguing over who's your big brother and who's not. It's really amusing to watch because Chris is supporting Jaxson and Illios is supporting Stefan."

The twins' ears perked up at the mention of Illios' name and started to growl, trying to identify the owner of the name.

"Uh oh." They were probably going to rip him to pieces in their state and I didn't really want that which meant that I had to distract the twins before they did anything.

I laid my head and stomach on Tyler's back and tangled my right hand's fingers into Ryder's fur as he was standing right next to us.

I started humming and running my fingers through their fur, trying to distract them.

Tyler turned his head to look at me and Ryder turned his body, so that we were muzzle to nose. I pecked his nose and started to scratch him behind his ear. I knew he tried to fight it but in the end he lost it and started purring, pressing his head into my hand more.

"Let's go upstairs."

His eyes flew open and I could see that he still wanted to find Illios.


He growled a little as a 'no'.


I guess I have to do it. I know I won't be able to move for some time if I do it but I must, for my friend's sake.

"My body hurts." I whimpered a little and made my eyes watery.

We were on the stairs in the next two seconds.

I was placed in the middle of the huge bed and they were on both sides of me, still in wolf form. They were whimpering and licking my arms.

Suddenly they shifted back, so they were sitting on both sides of me, naked like the day they were born.

"What hurts? Tell us mate, what hurts?!" Oh god, they're going to have a panic attack when they go on like this!

"Guys, please put some clothes on."

"Will not leave mate if mate is hurting!"

"You can... go one at a time!"

Reluctantly nodding, Ryder got off the bed and went to the closet. Less than a minute later he came back, so Tyler went to get dressed.

We were now laying in the bed, the twins holding me tightly. Tyler and Ryder were still in control but I was doing my best to get them to give back control to Xander and Xavier.

I was humming and rubbing their hands.


My humming and movements stopped.


I turned to face him and saw that he was in control now.

Turning to Xander I saw that he was getting the upper hand on his wolf also.

"Hey boys."

"Angel! You're really here!"

They smothered my face with kisses as they laughed happily making me giggle as well.

"Yes, I'm really here."

"We missed you so much, baby angel."

"Aww, I missed my little puppies too!"

They whined at my teasing but were still smiling happily while looking at me.

"We should go downstairs to make sure Jaxson and Stefan don't rip each other apart."

"Maybe we could just cuddle today? We haven't seen you in so long!"

"Umm, you guys do know that we saw each other like yesterday morning?"

"See? It's been way too long!"

I sighed, looking at them amusedly. I ruffled my hand through their already messy hair and smiled warmly at them.

"My little puppies."

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