Chapter I

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I saw the room again as soon as I closed my eyes. The blue painted walls were decorated with red curtains that came from the cream colored ceiling to the chess like floor. Chandeliers made by amethyst created shadows around the eleven people inside.

It was the most awaited day for my parents, the one when they would present me to the nobility, and nine fairies, guardians of the kingdom and royal counselors, men and women who where flying above, dancing and laughing while my parents talked to the visitors, accepting presents and kind words.

The air was filled with joy and a sense of celebration, as my mother was told, when she was young, that she will never be able to conceive due to an old curse my grandmother, an evil sorceress,  casted on her for marrying my father, a human, and not keeping "pure" the family lineage, where everyone had married witches.

It was almost certain that I would never have brothers or sisters, but the fact of existing was already a blessing large enough for my parents, and so they wanted to share it with as many people as they could, including magical beings.

Not only the faeries, but there were also elves, dwarfs, witches, nymphs, elves and shifters. Even the most important clans of vampires and lycanthropes were present, more because of political matters than anything else, but there were some of them that seemed to enjoy the event as much as everyone else.

However, in the middle of the celebration, a slight earthquake shook the palace, causing each and everyone present to stop while listening to the footsteps that were from the main entrance. Some of the guests peered through the windows, and the horror spread between each of them as the whole royal guard was paralyzed, their whole bodies frozen in their places, as if they were unbreathing rocks.

Now, there were ten faeries in celebration. An uninvited and unexpected newcomer guest that arrived suddenly, still standing at the door, was looking at all of us while walking in. The guards that were with my parents became statues instantly, just like the ones in the outside, and the other nine faeries were sent to the nearest wall, from which none could take off.

The Tenth was a tall, skinny woman. Her skin was pale enough for us to see her veins under skin; red eyes like blood, black lip's with countless scars and hair as white as a skull made her look more as an evil sorcerer than a faerie. She was always dressed in a big, white dress, green feathers for a necklace and black stripes and dots all over her body.

"Seems like, and correct me if I'm wrong, that I am irrelevant for you and to the entire kingdom, your majesties," she laughed while walking to the table at the center of the room. "Ten Faeries protect this land, and the ten of them are supposed to know everything that happens in, or could it be that my memories are wrong?"

"We don't need you here," said the Second, a thin, tall guy with blue hair and orange colored hands, dressed in blue clothes that disappeared as it came near to the floor, just like the bottom part of his body.

"Where did you leave your chivalry?" said the Tenth, feigning pain in her voice, hand in her chest where a heart should be, "we are supposed to be beauty, wisdom and kindness in one being, piece of heaven in immortal flesh," a sarcastic laugh came out of her lips.

"Tenth," said my mom, thinking as fast as she could. She was tall, thin, with long, red hair and green eyes that, usually, were calm and compasive, but now were filled with fear. "We did send you an invitation, however, it looks like it did not arrive. I hope you can forgive this very unfortunate and shameful mistake. You are more than welcome to stay with..." but she was silenced with a gesure from the dark faeries.

"My lady, please, do not think I can not read between the lines of this situation," said the fairy watching the people in the room. "I can easily tell which ones of you are thinking about escaping, just like you, my Queen and King," she spoke looking at my parents again, "and since this is such a joyful event, and my intentions are far from wanting it to end, I will enjoy my time in the beutiful gardens, waiting for the right time to give a special gift to this special girl."

Not saying anything else, the Tenth walked to the nearest open window, dissapering as soon as she felt fresh air, and so id the magic of hers that kept the guards frozen in their places and the faeries not being able to move.

All of them talked in private during the rest of the day, while the royal army kept falling, one soldier every couple of minutes, as if they were mere, little flies. By the time when the sun was coming down, there were hardly any of them, all awaiting their impending death under the now called 'white spell.'

Suddenly, a schrieking cry crossed my mind, freezing my blood and numbing my senses. I tried to run away from that place, tried to escape, but realized my feet were attached to the floor. When I thought of opening my mouth or my eyes, I felt they were being sewn.

Using my instinct, I drew an arrow three times with my eyes, one of the seals my guardian fairies had taught me in case I was in that situation, and which became more and more useful, as it was the one to get rid of hexes.. Chains I hadn't noticed were around my body began to break, and with an electric shock, similar to an explosion, I felt myself regaining control over my muscles.

A scream cut my mind, shaking every part of my body, as I finally released myself from the trap.

A scream cut my mind, shaking every part of my body, as I finally released myself from the trap

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