Chapter 16: Finding a way out

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While comforting a distraught Hogarth, Sarah wondered how she can get Hogarth and herself out of the center of the neighborhood and if she can find Cassidy. How are we gonna escape this cage? She thought. And, where's Cassidy? Ooooh, I hope she's okay. "......You know, Sarah." Hogarth said. "We can't just sit here. We have to find Cassidy because she could be in danger!" "What if she isn't here?" Sarah asked calmly. "She might be outside the fence." "It wouldn't hurt to look." Hogarth said. "Actually, it would. But, she's my sister. And, we can't just leave her to die. No matter how annoying she can be at times." "That's sweet. But, it's not nice to call your sister annoying." Sarah said gently. ".......Let's just look for her." Hogarth sighed. "And then, let's look for a way out of this pile of $#!+." "Hogarth! Language!" Sarah exclaimed, shocked. "Watch your lang...!" "Can we just go?!" Hogarth asked, slightly angered. "......I'm sorry for yelling......and swearing." "It's all right, Hogarth." Sarah said, gently patting Hogarth's shoulder. "I know how upset you must be. If you wanna sit down and relax, I can look for Cassidy myself." "What about you?" Hogarth asked, concerned. "If you look for her alone, you'll just kill yourself." You and your family's lives are much more important, Hogarth." Sarah said, slowly getting up. "Much more important." "But, I said WE have to find Cassidy!" Hogarth argued. "I can't just SIT here praying for you, my brother AND my sister to survive! I'm coming with you!" "No, you can't!" Sarah snapped for the first time in history. "I said stay! You will KILL yourself if you move an inch! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to search for your sister!" Sarah stomped off, leaving behind a very shocked Hogarth. Then, suddenly, his shock turned to anger. "GOD, AND I THOUGHT GOODY-GOODIES LIKE YOU WERE PHYSICALLY UNABLE TO BECOME CRETINS!!!" He screamed, as he got up and stomped off himself. Sarah stopped dead on her tracks and turned around, more shocked than Hogarth was.

Hogarth stomped his way towards the fence and started banging on it violently. "$#@& IT, $#@& IT, $#@& IT!!!" He screamed repeatedly. He fell to his knees and started crying while gripping on the fence. God... And, I thought we just made up! He thought, upset. My god... I was a fool to think that we'd ever become true friends... He continued crying until his eyes were blood red. Even after that, he still cried. We have to get out of here! He thought, depressive. Or we'll all become Lycan-food.


Sarah walked around another construction, crying her eyes out guiltily. "Ohhhh, god...!" She cried. "Wh-What have I done...?!" The fact that she yelled at someone for the first time made her feel horrible and uncontrollably guilty. She cried much harder than Hogarth did. "CASSIDY?!" She cried. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" "OVER HERE!!" A voice cried. "WHERE ARE YOU?!!" "I'M RUNNING THROUGH THE WEIRD HOUSES!!" Sarah cried out. "THEY'RE CALLED CONSTRUCTION SITES!!" Cassidy cried out, her voice filled with dread. Sarah ran into a small shack and found Cassidy curled up next to the right corner, her clothes half-covered in blood. When she heard Sarah's footsteps, she looked up with a tearful face. She jumped to her feet and hugged Sarah tearfully. Sarah, who is also crying, hugged Cassidy back.


Peter slowly got up and saw the campfire going out. "Chris." Peter whispered, trying to get Chris' attention. "Wake up. We need to find the others." "Just.....a minute..." Chris mumbled, turning to his side. "I....need to finish sleeping." "If we just lay her, we'll be vulnerable to werewolves!" Peter snapped. "Now, come on! We have to get to the center!" "We've slept here for.....a while, Pete." Chris mumbled. "And, no werewolves.........found us." "I thought you wanted to save the others!" Peter asked, feeling anger inside. "You literally TOLD me!" "" Chris mumbled. Peter almost lost it. He wasn't about to let Chris lay around doing nothing. "There's a werewolf standing over you!!" Peter screamed in fear. Chris sat up and repeatedly shouted, "AUGH!!! NO!!! GET THE $@#% THING OFF OF ME!!!!" Then, he noticed there was no wolf. Peter lied to him. "...Was I sleep talking?" Chris asked. Peter tilted his head in annoyance. "Yeeeeeees." He replied. Chris rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "Now, we need to find the others! They're in fricking DANGER!" Peter shouted. "Hurry!"

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