Chapter 19

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Y/N's POV:

I stood there frozen as I looked into the eyes of the girl I loved for the first time in days. Although she was covered in makeup and looked beautiful as ever I could still tell that there was pain and hurt in her eyes

"What is going on here?" Kenny asked confused "somebody better explain to me"

"Um sir I think it's best if we give these two some privacy" Jay said awkwardly as he approached Kenny and tried to drag him away

Sofia and I were just having a staring contest and I don't know if I was relieved to see her or afraid

Jay finally got Kenny out the door and Dove was in costume and had her arms crossed while sassily chewing some gum staring me down

"If you need me I'll be outside" dove said to Sofia and Sofia nodded without taking her eyes off of me

Once dove left Sofia and I still held up our staring contest for a few more minutes until I finally gained the courage to speak up

"H-how are y-you-"

"W-what are you thinking? Are you crazy?" She asked me and I just kept my head down

"You were really about to quit? Are you out of your fucking mind" she said in an angry tone which made me flinch. She rarely cusses so it surprised me

"I-I'm sorry" I said sheepishly

"Shut up. That's all I hear from you lately"she said annoyed

"Well what do you want me to tell you?" I shouted back at her

"Why in the world were planning to quit?" She asked me

"Because Sofia" I said

"Because why?" She asked crossing her arms "is it because of me? Are you that much of coward to see me everyday at work?" She said


"No that's not it necessarily" I said

"Then why? " she asked

"Okay yes I'm doing it because of you" I said "this whole entire movie is yours not mine. You're the one that got me here. I don't want to take something that's yours" I said and she closed her eyes and sighed

"It's both of ours y/n" she mumbled "look we might be in a bad situation but that doesn't mean you need to throw this away" she said

"You're a talented person y/n and the world needs to see that" she said

"B-but I don't want you to get hurt every time you see me" I said sadly as I approached her a little closer

She let out a sad giggle "you've hurt me enough to be sad even when you're not around" she said

"Sofia-" I said trying to approach her more

"N-no no. Not right now y/n" she said backing away from me "right now we're focusing on your job. And I think that you're acting like an idiot" she said and I laughed lightly

"You think?" I asked and she giggled

"No I know you're idiot" she said "but you're a talented idiot and I don't want you throwing your talent away" she said

"So you don't mind if I stay here?" I asked her

"Of course not y/n" she sighed out "everyone loves you here you can't quit" she said

"What about you? D-do you love me?" I said "like um on set of course" i said as I got closer to her

She didn't speak just kept looking down. I kept getting closer to her until finally our foreheads touched

She was looking down and breathing heavily as I just stared at her face

"Sof- are you okay? Are you eating? Are you sleeping fine?" I asked her concerned

"Y/n" she sighed out as she kept her head down like she was doing her best to avoid me

I grabbed on to her hands and let my head fall to her cheek. All I could hear was her breathing

"Can we please talk- " I said to her

"I really don't want to talk about that right now y/n please" she said and I nodded understandingly

"Okay but can you at least answer my questions?" I asked

"Y-Yes y/n. I'm eating. As for sleep I don't get much" she said honestly

"Please come back home" I said as I brought my hands up to her face

"No" she mumbled

"I want you to rest Sofia" I said.

There's been times where she's passed out or almost passed out due to starvation and tiredness. She works herself so hard until she can't take it anymore. That's always been one of my biggest concerns for her. I just want to make sure she's healthy and okay

"I'm fine y/n" she sobbed

"I'll let you stay at the house and I'll leave" I said

"W-where will you go?" She asked me

"I'll stay with Zayn I'll be fine I promise" I said

"O-okay" she said and I smiled to myself. At least I know she'll be safe at home

I kept nuzzling my nose against her face until our noses touched. I stroked her cheeks with my thumbs and she finally opened her eyes and her orbs met mine

We stayed staring at each other until I caught a glimpse of her eyes darting down to my lips

I smirked a little and she knew I caught her when I saw her close her eyes

I slowly leaned in and ghosted my lips over hers and just before I could press them together she shoved me away harshly

"Stop no" she shouted "I can't I can't kiss you" she said "all I can think of is you kissing her and I just don't want to imagine that" she said and I felt shame wash over me

"I-I'm sorry I over stepped my boundaries" I said

"If we're going to be working together y/n we're going to have to act professional. From now on we're just co workers and co workers only" she said

"I- i understand" i said nodding sadly

"Good" she said "if you'll excuse me I'm needed on set" she said as she opened the door and walked out

I just sighed but then a smile came to my face

She was close to kissing me. Maybe I still had a chance. I was gonna do whatever I could to win her back


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