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chapter 3

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The phone rang and rang until finally he anwered:


          "John I have news for you! Come over NOW!”

          “Okay I’m leaving now.” It took about 10 minutes for him to get here.

          “Okay one happy anniversary. I got you this card. Open it right now.” He opened it and laughed. And read it out loud:

Thanks for all the memories,

And stories we have,

You helped me through everything.

I love that I can tell you anything.

Most importantly, I love that you give me more than one chance,

No matter how many mistakes I make.

I love you best-friend!

          “Awe Katie-bear I love it!”

          “He calls you Katie-bear?” Skylar laughed a little bit.

          “Yeah, and I call him Johnny-boo. We were young when we came up with them.”

          “I think they are both cute nicknames,” said Skylar, smiling.

          “Here I got this for you,” he handed me a bear holding a rose with a card behind the rose.


You are my best friend,

We have been for 17 years,

I can tell you things that everyone,

And I do mean everyone,

Would laugh at,

When I see you or hear you,

I smile.

Katie I love you

Thanks for always being there!

Best Friends Forever! <3

          I wiped my eyes and hugged him.

          “Thank you so much. You are my best friend and I will always be here for you.”

          “You’re welcome Kate. So why did you have me rush over here?”

          “Oh yeah, um Skylar asked me to marry him.” He looked at me like he was depressed.

          “Wow that’s, fantastic. Congratulations!” He hugged me tight and I felt a tear hit my shoulder.

          “John what’s wrong?”

          “Nothing I’m just really happy for you. Well I guess I should be going now. Katie are we still on for our anniversary dinner?”

          “Yeah, of course we are.” He nodded and then left. It was just Skylar and I now. We got out our calendar and set the date for 5 months later, September 2nd was the exact day.

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