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Antonio Kedves sighed in satisfaction when he set down his luggage, he laid on top of it letting the bumps and curves from the pockets of his luggage bag crack his back, he looked up at the ceiling of his dorm room. "I did it mom and dad" he thought as he got up, Antonio got up and began to set up his side of the room as he waited for his roommate Michael to arrive.

"Are you Antonio?" He turned around and there was young man of average height and build, with dark brown hair and light caramel colored eyes, leaning into the doorway his arms full of luggage "Yeah I'm Antonio" he said getting up "I'm Michael Bui, you're roommate. I would shake your hand but my arms are..." Michael trailed off when all his luggage fell out his hands, the two men made eye contact, Michael smiled sheepishly, Antonio laughed as he helped Michael pick up the fallen luggage. "Thanks man" Michael said Antonio picks up the three suitcases and puts them on the bed "Damn you're strong" Michael notes, Antonio shrugs "It's nothing, really" Antonio said "Here, I brought a mini fridge" he opens the fridge to reveal it stocked with soda "Microwave" he said gesturing at the white microwave "and a trash can, but can we try to keep it clean or at the least clean smelling?" Antonio asked Michael nods in agreement "Don't worry I'm pretty clean" he says before the two laugh.

The two continue unpacking while talking, asking each other questions about their lives, family, favorite food and such, there were times where it was playing a game of property Tetris trying to get their belonging to fit but they made it work. After the two were done, they sat down on the faux fur rug that Michael had brought from home, "So what's your race, Antonio, if you don't mind me asking" Michael asked as he opened a can of 7Up "My Dad is Hungarian and my Mom is Japanese and Spanish" Antonio said as he opened a can of Pepsi "How about you?" Antonio asked as he took a sip of his fizzy beverage "My Dad is Southern Vietnamese and my Mom is Hawaiian" as Michael surveyed their dorm. "We did pretty damn good" Michael said as he declared a soda toast, and they toasted with their sodas.

"Next question, I'm Pansexual, meaning I'm attracted to all on the gender spectrum, are you okay with that?" Antonio asked Michael threw his hands up in the air "I have found the perfect roommate!" Michael says in a loud voice "I'm gay!" He said as a follow up "Nice!" Antonio and Michael gave each other a high-five, they laughed as they finished their sodas "I was wondering why you weren't judging my purple paisley bedsheets" Antonio said jokingly as he opened another can. After 3 more cans, the two belched in unison before Antonio looked at the clock "Oh shit it's 9:00 already?" Michael glanced at the alarm clock, "Well shit it took us that long to unpack and have a bonding moment" Michael said getting up, "Bed?" Antonio suggested Michael repeated in agreement, Antonio gets up and hops into bed, Michael does the same and the two boys went to bed.

The next morning the two boys got ready for their classes "So wait what do you wanna major in again?" Michael asked as he put on a jacket "Agriculture, what about you?" Antonio said as he shouldered his simple black backpack, Michael shrugged as the two walked out their dorm room "I don't know yet, my dad wants me to do business or engineering" he explained as the two walked down the stairs, as soon as the two got outside they split "See you later?" Antonio asked Michael nods and the two began to walk to their classes. Antonio got to the building where his classes were to be held, on the main door was the name of the college "South Teiwaz University" it said in sharp angular letters, painted in the school colors of red, white and gold, he takes a deep breath and walks in with confidence until...he bumps into someone and falls down, taking them with him "Oh my god I am so sorry!" Antonio cries as he gets up, he helps up his bumping victim, who turns out to be a girl about 3 inches shorter than him, her hair was cut in a sort of edgy pixie cut, dyed in a dark shade of blue, she was dressed in baggy clothes with a unique backpack in the shape of a tiger's head, the girl grunts a reply, Antonio sighs in relief as he brushed the dust off of her baggy clothes, she pushes his hands away "It's fine, just get to class" the girl says as she shoulders her unique backpack, "Are you sure?" Antonio asks she nods and Antonio goes up the steps so fast it looked like he was hopping 2 steps at a time, he opens the door and goes to find his class.

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