Why i cant let you go

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The reason i cant let you go is cause i love you.You are the best thing that has happened in my life.I love you to peices, our love is to strong to break.I would take care of you in illness or pain.I would give my life to you if i needed to.I would do anything to have you in my arms and safe.You are the one that showed me that life is worth living for.You are the one that helped me through all the pain i went through.You have done your best to make me feel like I am a person.All i can say is that you are the best girlfriend i could ever ask for.

                                                                 What Makes You Perfect

What makes you perfect is you.Like when you look so beautiful when the sun shines on you.Like when you smile my heart skips a beat.You are perfect just the way you are,and i would never change a thing.

                                                         The things you dont Know about me

The things you dont know about me is things that i dont like to talk about.some of them are about you,some things are about something that is very special to me,but i still give you everything i have.I love you to death cause there is nothing in this world that would stop me from reaching you and hugging you.

                                                         The Final reasons why i cant let you go

The only reason why i cant let you go is cause you are the one for me.you are my Juliet,you are my everything.I love you to death and i would never let anything come in between us. Cause we are the perfect two.

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