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So, Alex tops. Like the order goes: Alex, Thomas, Laf then John, on the top-scale(I don't know anymore, I'm S T R E S S E D.).

Alex got Laf, Thomas and John for his trophy-wives(JUST KIDDING!) and so, as you do, you love your husbands! John is Ma or Mama, Laf is Mom and Thomas is Mother. Alex is Dad, Pa and Daddy.

I'll make another one of this because I think that the four are cute together, I just don't write Poly a lot.


"Good morning dear!" John greeted me as I walked into the kitchen. Thomas was sitting at the kitchen table and Lafayette was helping John cook. "Morning, kitten." I teased. John's cheeks lit up as he continued cooking. Thomas teased John, but stopped when I kissed his cheek. "You're so mean to him." I sighed. Thomas shrugged and smiled. "I'm an attention-whore, Lexi~" He hummed. I rolled my eyes.

"Than maybe this whore should get his feet off the kitchen table, no?" Lafayette suggested. John giggled and set coffee down for Thomas and I. I shook my head as Thomas shot glares at Lafayette and slipped his legs off of the table. It was entertaining to watch my husbands tease and mock each other, knowing it was all in good fun.

"Hey, Peaches, could you pick the kids up from school?" I asked. John nodded. "Lafayette, Hercules asked if you could help him with Will, he's been thinking suicidal thoughts since he had to have his medications changed." I murmured. Laf and Hercules were very close, pretty much brothers. "Alright, I'll head over after Will's school lets out!" Lafayette chirped. I smiled and looked at Thomas. "You, you can go with John, I have a lot of work to do, Beautifuls!" I hummed, kissing John, Thomas and Lafayette, "If you three need anything, don't hesitate to ask." I left the room and walked into my office. "Does that include sex-?" "No, Thomas."

I peeked into Frances and Philip's bedroom. Philip was softly snoring and Frances was snoring with no filter. I smiled and carefully woke them up. "Hey..." I whispered, softly shaking my twins. Philip woke up and smiled at me. "Hi, Mama..." He mumbled. "Morning, sweetheart... come on, Pip, it's time for school..." I told him calmly. Philip nodded and got up. I woke Frances up, and my twins immediately started arguing about who should get to take a shower first. I just shook my head and returned to the kitchen.

"Easton, come on, sweetie, you gotta get to school!" I hummed playfully. My son groaned. "Mother, Please... can I take a day off..? I feel... sick..?" Easton lied. I crossed my arms and smirked. "You sound just like your father when he lies." I told him, taking his blanket off. Easton whined. "Come on, East, you got school!" I called as I left the room.

"G! There's a fire! Ma started a fire in the kitchen, you have to get up!" I screamed. My son sat up quickly, and looked at me with the most upset, annoyed and disappointed face. "Mom, that is the most accurate, but the worst planned excuse you have given me." He muttered. I smiled and kissed his head. "I love you too, Georges!" I cooed and left the room.

*Time skip*
"Hey, Thomas." I hummed as I walked into our bedroom, "Where's John and Laf?" "Probably f*cking-" "You know John wouldn't do anything, he doesn't really like sex." I scolded. Thomas snort-giggled and hit his knees together. "He likes sex with me~" Thomas cooed. I guffawed. "You wish!" I chuckled.

Thomas gasped and huffed. "What if they ran away with the kids!" Thomas gasped. I knew he was just stalling something. I set my phone and glasses down on my desk and crawled between Thomas's legs. "Where is Kitten, Baby~?" I asked. Thomas but his lip and smiled. "Gosh darn Hamilton, freaking, let go of me..." He told me as he giggled. I kissed his stomach and his thighs. "A-Alex, they're going to get lingerie for John!" Thomas blurted. I smiled as he threw a hand over his mouth. I groaned and placed my head on Thomas's stomach.

"Thank you, baby, and now, I gotta catch them." I sighed. As I left, I heard Thomas huff. "Are we not gonna finish what we were doing?!" He hissed. "Later, Thomas!" I sighed and got my phone. "You better not-!"

"Hey, Peaches!"

"Hi, Lexi!"

"Don't get lingerie, you look beautiful just how you are!"

"...tell Thomas that he's dead when I get home."

"Of course, Kitty, I love you~"

"I love you too, Laffy is turningnto come home right now."

"Okay, bye!"


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