Chapter 22

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I sprinted my way into the front yard of the pack house. I was able to slip past the patrol units unnoticed. For the next stage of the plan to work I need to make it look like I never left my room. Looking around I dashed to the back door and quickly shifted back to human form. I swung the door open and dashed up the steps not stopping till I reached my room and shut the door behind me.

I slouched against it panting. But I didn't have much time to rest. I ran to my bathroom and quickly jumped into the shower. The water wasn't even warm yet as I scrubbed my hair and body getting ride of any trace of my pack and Sara.

I felt bad for not telling her what was going on but it was for her own good. She would have never left of her own free will. Pushing her to the back of my mind I quickly rinsed the soap off my body and stepped out of the shower.

I wrapped a soft blue towel around my hair and waist and walked into my room. Pulling on a pair of sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt I flopped down. Starring up at the ceiling I felt alone. Looking around I grabbed the phone Azreal had gave me off the desk and I unlocked it.

Evelyn Text: Hey A

I watched and waited for Azreal to respond. Letting out a huff I flopped my arms down and closed my eyes. Not a moment later the phone buzzed.

Azreal Text: A??
Evelyn Text: Yep your A.
Azreal Text: A as in Alpha 😉
Evelyn Text: If that's what you want to believe my little fur ball!
Azreal Text: Fur ball...?
Evelyn Text: 😂
Azreal Text: Are you alright my love?
Evelyn Text: ya... you got Sara right?
Azreal Text: Yes Malik is bringing her home now. They will be here within the next few hours.
Evelyn Text: good.
Azreal Text: what's wrong E?
Evelyn Text: E? 🤔
Azreal Text: Yes E. Now answer my question
Evelyn Text: Do you think she will ever forgive me?
Azreal Text: I don't know how she couldn't love.
Evelyn Text: Im taking her away from her mate the only family she has other then me and Ian.
Azreal Text: it will all be ok my love please don't worry
Evelyn Text: She told me she's pregnant...
Azreal Text: Really?
Evelyn Text: yeah. I feel like is just going to make this harder for her.
Azreal Text: it's gonna be ok I promise
Evelyn Text: I miss you
Azreal Text: I know love I miss you too
Evelyn Text: What if I get stuck here. I know Jason will find out tomorrow. And if he tells Ian I will never get out of here.
Azreal Text: gurrrr you know I would never let that happen.
Evelyn Text:Gurrrr????
Azreal Text: I want you to...
Evelyn Text: ummmmmmm
Azreal Text:  make me food.
Evelyn Text: 😂
Evelyn Text: You should know I can't cook to save my life.
Azreal Text: anything you make would be amazing because you made it.
Evelyn Text: you will be eating those words in no time.
Azreal Text: I'd rather be eating you 😉
Evelyn Text: GOODNIGHT A
Azreal Text: haha goodnight baby

I sighed and rolled my eyes as I slipped the phone into my braw. Rolling over I curled up into my pillows and quickly found sleep.


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