Before I start the chapter I wanna warn you guys there's some music that goes with it!

Chapter 1 Break Up Mistake

Christina's POV:

'You fuckin whore! Y'd u dump Louis you fuckin bitch?!' I read as I scrolled down the list of hate tweets on Twitter. Just recently Eleanor Calder broke up with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, it stirred a lot of hate comments which she had been getting anyway but now it just multiplied ten times.

I feel really bad for her, I thought to myself. I mean she didn't really do anything bad, I tried convincing myself, she just was insecure like every other girl in the world, though not every girl is going out with Louis Tomlinson. Ya know maybe she really loves him? I thought smiling. That's why she broke up with him, if she was just in it for the money and fame she would never let go of a prize like that, right?

I swiveled in my chair wanting to forget and not have to worry about anything, latest celeb drama, teenage drama or just any drama. Why can't life be simple, happy, and drama free? I thought to myself. I stopped myself in front of the computer screen, I know what I can do! I thought as an idea popped into my head.

I clicked the space bar, typed in '' and hit enter. I was already logged in so less work, less worry. I clicked the search box. I began typing 'Eleanor Calder'. Her name was the first on the list. Her profile picture was a picture of her and Louis smiling together his arm around her shoulders and the sun nearly setting. I smiled at it then remembered what I wanted to do. When I clicked on her page it showed so many hate comments and such just like Twitter's many hate tweets to her.

I don't think I should tweet or post the message on her Facebook or Twitter because one, I might get hate tweets and two she might never see it because of the so many haterz hatin. I thought talking a bit ghetto in my head. So I decided I would message her. I thought of the most adult-ly way of talking or most respectable cause I don't know her so I don't know if she'll be okay with me calling her El she might be like in her head 'Who the fuck is you to call me El?!'.

So I typed:

'Dear Ms. Eleanor Calder,'

Then I erased is because it sounded too formal. Something less formal, I thought to myself taping my finger. I finally got an idea.

So I typed, again,

'Hey Eleanor,

I know you don't know me but I just wanna say that even though all the hate comments you probably knew you were gonna get you still broke up with him, I call that courage. But that's not the point, so I realized that every girl has been in your shoes, broken up with someone and everyone hates you for it, but because you dated a celeb it's ten times as worse. Ok so what I see (and I might be deranged but eh let's see if I see is true) you really love him because if you didn't and you were just going out with him for the fame and money you wouldn't have broken up with him. If you really loved him you would/could. So I guess this is bye. Oh and I really, really hope you don't erase this message because you deactivate your account or you think that all messages sent by people you don't know are hate messages.


Christina McClure xx'

I smiled at my message and pressed send hoping she would reply. I picked up my iPhone 5 from its charging and speaker dock. I pressed 'Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato'. My computer gave me a ding as I set down my iPhone back to where originally it was. 'New Message' it read, I clicked on it and it showed a message.

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