No BS (Rayray)

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Hey y'all, I know it's been awhile and I'm sooooo sorry!!! This is an imagine I saw on tumblr (shoutout to the writer) ENJOY LOVES 💋💋

Ray POV:

I felt as though I was going to explode from my boxers. The tent pinned in my pants refused to lower itself no matter how hard I willed for it to. The very images of Y/N penetrated my mind authoritively, causing my manhood to stand at full attention. Y/N had a way of keeping me horny at the most aimless times.
I debated on whether to call her or just handle my situation with a shower, but like many times before, showers didn't necessarily cut it for me.
I grabbed my phone from of the night table and hurriedly dialed Y/N's number. It rang a few times before her tired voice echoed through the receiver.
"Ray?" she enunciated sleepily. "Hey, babe. Um, I'm gonna need you to come over," I explained, eyeing my "situation".
"Ray, baby, it's like, three in the morning," she informed with a yawn following suit.
"I know, but its an emergency," my voice pleaded. "What's wrong? Is everything alright?" she wondered, her tone sounding more alert than before.
"Just ... just come over."
There was a small pause before I heard her sigh and promise she'd be at my place soon.
Less than ten minutes later, I heard the front doorknob jiggle with the spare key I'd loaned Y/N. "Ray?" I heard her voice call out from the level below. "Up here, babe," I called.
Her footfalls sounded off the carpeted stairs, and she was soon standing in my bedroom's doorway. She wore a pair of dark jeans, boots, and a leather jacket. She looked nice as always, but I wondered how fast I could remove all the attire in an appropriate amount of time.
"Hey, you okay?" she asked, stepping toward me. Her palm pressed against my forehead to see if I was sick with fever. "Oh, I'm fine," I advised, gaining a look of annoyed confusion on her face. "But, he's not." I gestured toward my lower half.
Her eyes fell to my erected manhood, widening slightly before they met back up with mine. "You called me over here for that?" she asked, her eyebrows furrowed in irritation.
"Pleeeeasse, baaabbyy," I droned, sitting up. I wrapped my arms around her waist and brought her close. "You know showers don't be workin'," I reminded, slowly unzipping her jacket. "Did you even try to take one this time?" she inquired easily, running her hand across my forehead and into my undone hair.
"I didn't try because I knew you were the only thing that would work," I replied, helping her slip her shirt above her head. A light azure, lacy bra cupped her breasts. I ran a finger through the swell of her cleavage.
"So, you think you can help me out this time?" I bit my lip, gazing up at her hopefully. I saw her fingers toy with the button on the top hem of her jeans, and she yanked it loose. Stepping out of her boots and letting her low attire fall to the floor, she reached into my night table's drawer, and grabbed a condom.
"Maybe," she whispered as she climbed on top of me, straddling my waist. I smiled as she pressed her lips against mine. Our lips embraced slowly at first. Her lips tasted sweet as my tongue brushed slowly across it, immediately gaining entrance into her awaiting mouth.
I grabbed her hips and pulled us both down onto the bed. She took the initiative to kiss me hungrily. My hands grazed down the back of her thighs, then back up to grab her backside. I flipped us over, me now in dominance as my lips found her neck. I began to nibble at it gently before I moved down to her chest, kissing each gently before I migrated pass her stomach and finally reaching in between her legs.
"I thought I was supposed to be taking care of you," Y/N smirked as my finger hovered over her womanhood. "How are you supposed to do that if I don't help you out first?" I slyly stated back. She bit her lip in response.
I pushed my lips against her through her panties, gaining a slight moan from above. I felt her fingers found the back of my head as she lead me closer to her heated entrance. I chuckled at her eagerness. I clenched her panties between my teeth, and slid them from her legs. Finally free of that boundary, my lips and tongue roamed her lower region. "Ooh, Ray," she moaned as I fed my sexualized appetite.
She began to twitch at my touch as I progressed further, the echoes of my name growing louder with each lick. I let my finger play around her cave before it dove in. She jerked roughly at my advance. Her fingers kneaded roughly at my hair as her hips moved in sync with my mouth, my lips wrapping around her cl_t.
"I'm gonna-," her cream filled my mouth before she could warn me of her orgasm. I licked my lips, freeing them of her juices before I stood up, removing my clothes and letting her know of her assignment. "Your turn," I smirked, lying down on the bed as she lied beside me.
Her hand dragged itself down my torso leisurely before she gripped what she liked to call, "Raytlesnake", into her palm. Her lips probed at my neck as her hand ran up and down my shaft. I let out a groan. "You like that," she whispered against my skin. "You know I do," I replied as best as I could with moans falling from my lips.
She rubbed me until I felt as though I was about to explode. She suddenly stopped and said quietly, "Not yet, baby." She grabbed the condom that had been tossd on other side of the bed, unwrapped it, and slipped it onto me. She climbed on top of me, I undid her bra, revealing her perfect chest.
"He's waiting," I teased. She gave me a small smile. "Well, he's just gonna have to wait a little longer." My brows creased in wonderment as she pulled herself from off of me. "Come on." She held her hand out to me. I grabbed it, and she lead me around the bed and to the bathroom door.
She walked us to the shower. Her fingers wrapped around the knob, and a spray of hot water gravitated. "Come inside, Ray," she instructed. My lip clamped between my teeth as I followed her inside the glass encasement.
I waited no time to grip my hands behind her knees and lift her up against the shower's wall. I let her fall onto my erection, a stuttered moan escaping her as I entered her tightness.
I sucked on the skin of her neck as I advanced in and out of her. "Yes, Ray, God yes!" she screamed breathily as we rocked together. "Damn, Y/N," I groaned as she clamped and unclamped herself from around me. She brought my face up from her neck and tasted my lips anticipatorily.
The moans and groans continued for what seemed like hours, but I couldn't be sure. Y/N had a way of making time non-existent.
Without speaking, we both knew we were close to hitting our climax. My thrusting ceased, and her walls clenched me tightly as she let out an excited yelp. We both released, me so much I had to pull out of her as the condom became full.
I leaned my forehead against hers, both of us breathing heavily as the hot water became cold. I couldn't tell whether or not her shivering was coming from the frigid water or our previous action, but the look of lust in her eyes informed it was the second option.
"Are you good now?" she mumbled agaisnt my lips. My chest rose up and down as I caught my breath. "I don't know. I mean, you don't be on no type of BS when it comes to making me feel better, but I don't think "Raytlesnake" is quite finished with your cat," I told her, implying a second round.

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