Its been almost a month since Fred told me he loved me. Id already gone numerous times to his hosue where we shagged and made out and did all taht dirty stuff. But we rarely did anything else i didnt get how he could say that he loved me but in those small moments like when we were making out and he tripped over a rug and we fell on the floor and we jsut started laughing i found myself falling for him but at the same time i didnt want to fall in love with him because i belonged with Blaise and Blaise alone htough maybe not as much as i thought. Between classes id sneak off to the Library and id do my own research on it, one day when i was heading back to my Room from the Library i passed a deserted hallway and found one of the Carrows torturing a young girl, she was small and had red hair when she looked up i saw that she was a Weasley. She was barely making any noise like Fred when he got Tortured i liked it in a way. "Hey! You yes you!" i yelled at eh Carrow "stop it!" i screamed when she wouldnt then... "wonder what my father'd say when he hears you ignored a direct order probably'd kill your darling brother and dont you have a daughter?" i said. "You wouldnt" she-Carrow said "try me" i said witha smirk and she raised her wand "fine ill let the little Blood Traitor go" she said "scat" i said and she sneered with a glare then she left. "Why would YOU help me?" the girl asked shakily standing up and glaring at me. I smirked, "wouldnt want a pureblood dying off now would we? Besides they have NO right to torture students under the age of 17. When you are under 17 you do not make your own decisions you basically go by what your family teaches you and that is what Father believes and so he forbids extreme torture of -17" i explained.

"Well th-" she said then she fell over on the ground and blacked out. I sighed and sat down on the ground net to her. After fishing around in her pockets i found a galleon. 'A weasley with a Galleon?' i snorted then noticed numbers on the side.

"Grangers creation no doubt" i said out loud and tapped it with my wand. It grew extremly hard so i dropped it immediatly and a small bell type thign started to go off. "F^ck!" i screamed and ran off holding my arm.

I hid behind a pillar and watched as a couple of the DA members ran over and picked her up then ran off with her again somwhere.

Panting, i ran back to the head gir and boy's common room and fell onto the couch, shedding my layers of clothes until i was only in my underwear and held my arm close to my chest.

"Jay? JAYA!!!" Draco yelled coming out of his bedroom and he ran over to me.

"OH MY GOD!!!" he yelled when he saw my now bubbling, scabbing and bleeding hand.

"Help me Drake" i said panting heavily.

He ran into the bathroom and brought a first aid kit and his wand aswell as many potions with him (he had been studying the science of healing for a WHILE). He started to throw potions onto the wound with a long piece of cork in my mouth and i screamed in agony but he keept on adding potions until it was reduced then he wrapped my hand and wrist up with gauze then added an actual bandage to it and clipped it in place. "How did this happen?" he asked holding me close and he grabbed my bandaged arm and pushed it back until my dark mark was perfectly visible becauswe that was neccesary here.

"I dont want to talk about it" i muttered against his chest.

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