Cherry: Chapter 8

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"I thought you'd never find the place."

Cherry dropped a tarp, raft, blanket, bundle of tree branches, and rope on the ground. "Are you kidding? I know this campground like the back of my hand."

"Wow, you carried all that stuff from your site to mine?"

Nodding, she said, "Looks like we're both magicians. You'll have to tell me how you performed your trick."

Phil's fingers rolled along her thighs as she bent to unbundle the branches. "What trick would that be?"

Hitting his hand away, she said, "You somehow escaped my cabin without me or my parents noticing. How did you manage that?"

"Ahh, well a magician never reveals his secrets."

Cherry shook her head. "You're such a dork."

"You're such a slut." He lifted her sundress all the way up over her hips before she could drop the branches and pull it back down. "Come on, get naked for me."

"What the fuck, Phil?" Cherry's head buzzed as she glanced around the tree-lined campsite. "Someone might walk by."

"I don't care. We didn't get to finish what we started this morning, and my dick's been aching all day."

"Stop it, stupid!" She pulled down her dress every time he yanked it up. The fact that he wouldn't listen made her super-angry, but for some reason she started laughing. "Stop it, dickface. Leave me alone."

"Is that what you really want?"

Why was this turning her on so much? She'd told him to stop, but he kept pulling on the fabric, trying to get her dress over her head. As much as she wanted to stay angry, she knew she was about to give in.

"Phil, I brought all this stuff to build you a pup tent. Are you gonna let me do it or not?"

"Later." One hand found her pussy, and he squeezed it over her cotton panties before digging the other hand underneath. She was so wet and she could feel her juice coating his fingers as he played with her clit. "Oh god, I need to fuck you. I need to fuck you right now."

"Just wait until I build the stupid tent. Then we'll have some shelter."

"I don't need shelter." He gave up trying to take off her dress, and squeezed her breasts instead. "All I need is you."

In any other context, that might have sounded sweet. Right now, it sounded pervy. Cherry's tits swelled as Phil lifted her stretchy turquoise bra. She thought about struggling, but she couldn't bring herself to do it.

"If only I had more hands." Phil's breath fell hot on her ear. "Then I could squeeze both your tits and play with your clit and finger-bang you."

"You'd need four hands to do all that," Cherry panted.

"Five, because I'd want to do this, too." Grabbing her wrist, he brought her hand to his crotch so roughly she tried to pull away. "What's wrong, little girl? Suddenly you're afraid of Daddy's big dick?"

She swallowed hard, then grabbed him even harder. "I'm not afraid of anything."

"Yeah, rub it. That's right."

Her palm moved on his pants like it had a mind of its own. She couldn't see what she was doing, since he was standing behind her, but her hand managed to follow the bulge of his cock as he undulated against her. His fingers travelled beneath her dress and played over her panties. Every breath sounded like a naughty word. She still worried about other campers seeing them, but her resistance had worn down to nothing.

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