Chapter 42: "Set It All Free"

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More and more animals came in to hear more of the contestants and one of them was Judith.

"All right. Welcome to all you newcomers. You are just in time to meet a teenager who was recently dumped by her boyfriend," Buster announced.

"Aw," the audience responded with sympathy.

"I know, right? But she's gonna chase those blues away with a song of her very own. Allow me to introduce the singing sensation, Ash," Buster introduced.

Ash walked onstage in the "Pop-Star Princess" outfit (but it was ripped on the bottom), a red leather jacket, combat boots, Becky's sunglasses and her guitar. She put the sunglasses on then played a long note on her guitar. But before she could sing, her guitar was unplugged by the bank clerk llama.

"Judith?" Buster questioned.

"You are all trespassing on private property," Judith remarked.

"What?!" Buster exclaimed.

"And you will leave right now," Judith continued.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, Judith--" Buster tried to reason.

"All of you," Judith commanded.

The audience gasped at that until Ash stomped her right foot to the beat of her song "Set It All Free". The audience joined in as Judith saw no one paid attention to her. Ash began to sing on the beat.

"I followed my heart into the fire
Got burned, got broken down by desire
I tried, I tried
But the smoke in my eyes
Left me blurry, blurry and blind

I picked all the pieces up off the ground
Got dirt on my fingers but that's gone now"

"I am calling the police," Judith said then walked off, but was eventually blocked by the crowd.

"Got the glue in my hands
And stickin' to the plan
Stickin' to the plan that says, I can

Do anything at all
I can do anything at all"

Buster let her know she was good to go and plugged her guitar back up. She smirked and turned her volume up all the way and played her heart out.

"This is my kiss goodbye
You can stand alone and watch me fly
'Cause nothing's keeping me down
Gonna let it all out
Come on and say right now, right now, right now"

In Becky's apartment, she turned the TV off as Lance was stuck in a shocked daze until she did so.

"Ugh. Seriously? She's not even that good," Becky scoffed and walked off.

"Yeah, yeah, totally," Lance agreed sheepishly.

Then when she left the room, he quickly turned the TV back on.

"This is my big 'Hello'
'Cause I'm here and never letting go
I can finally see,
It's not just a dream
When you set it all free, all free, all free

You set it all free"

As she rocked out during her solo, she sent quills everywhere. The audience had to duck to try and dodge them, but Ash kept going.

"This is my big 'Hello'
'Cause I'm here and never letting go
I can finally see,
It's not just a dream
When you set it all free, all free, all free

You set it all free"

She finished to see the audience was still bracing themselves from the quills.

"Uh, you guys okay?" she asked.

The whole audience cheered for her after that.

"Ash! Ash! Ash! Ash! Ash! Ash! Ash!" the red panda group chanted.

"What about that? We just witnessed the birth of a genuine rock star!" Buster exclaimed with three quills in his face.

"Moon, You-- You've got some stuck here," Ash informed then pulled one out.

"Ow!" Buster shouted.

Big Daddy was getting closer to the theater and closer to Johnny.


A/N Ash rocked out and was awesome! This is the first time I heard Scarlett Johansson sing and I gotta say she is really great! Anyone agree? Next up, Mike. Yay 😒.

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