Chapter 11

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Luke's pov

we got to his house he parked the car he looks over and smiles at me. I open the door and get out of the car I shout the door I start to walk to the fount door when i hear a moan from Oliver.  I quickly look back at him he is on the ground holding his ribs what should I do? I hear him moan one more time then I run over to him I fall on my knees and grab his shoulder he looks up at me with pine in his eyes. " Baby what wrong what happen?" I say to my boyfriend I'm scared what happen to him? Why does he have to fight people? " Will this guy hit me in the ribs with brass knuckles." He said I know that he is heart bad I have only seen those  eyes two times.  When he got into 50 men fight at the park  and when his grandmother die. " Jesus  Oliver why did you not tell me?" I can feel my self get more and more upset I know all he does is hurt me but he loves me so much when he is hurt my heart breaks.  " I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to be worried about me." He said coughing shit he needs to see a Doctor " oh my god Oliver we need to take you to the hospital like now" I say my voice is shacking by this point why does he do this to him self?

" No I'm not going I'm ok I'm just going to have you patch  me up like you always do my love." He said he looks up at me and gives me one of his beautiful smiles. Does he really think that I'm not going to  take him to the hospital? I know that he has broken ribs before but I just want to make sure that he is ok is that so bad of me?" Baby you do not really think I'm not going to take you?" He looks at me with a mad face " I said that I don't want to go do not make me say it twice." He yelled at me " ok ok I'm sorry please do not yell your Nabors are sleeping." I try calming him down but it didn't work " does it look like I give two shit about the nabors?" he said still yelling at me " ok I'm sorry lets just get you in side so I can help you out." I say in a loving vice trying to calm him down it seems to work. " Ok that sounds good I'm going to need your help" he said with a smile I laugh and say " yeah I bet you do."

I get up and take his arm and help him up he falls on me a litter but he keeping himself up right we take it slow. Seeing how he 9inches taller then me we slowly walk up to the door " hey baby I need the keys." He laugh he takes his hand off my shoulder he takes his keys out of his pocket.  And gives me the keys for the door I let go of his arm and open the door  I take his arm again and walk him in to the house every  step he groans in pain. " Ok baby we just need to go to your room" I say to him he nods his head.  We make it up the stairs it take us like 10 minutes to get too his room I carefully help him sit on the bed.  I lean down and give him a kiss on the cheek and say. "OK baby I'm just going to get the first aide kit" I say tuning and walking to the bathroom. I walk in I do not even need to look around I know were it is under the bathroom sink. I open the door and take the first aide kit out and walk back in to the bedroom I see Oliver laying on the bed I scream

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