Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

As a sign of congratulations, the priest arranged for us all to be delivered that night. At the entrance, we are welcomed by a lady vampire who introduces herself as Morwenna. Like she had been doing for the past hundred years, we'll be loyally serving our master, Lord Aleksandar Nikolaj Dietrich, until he no longer cares for our service.

The tour of the castle is taking longer than anticipated with the maids fawning over the high stone ceilings, giant diamond chandeliers, long carpeted hallways, and the variety of vintage statues decorating every floor. Morwenna is staring at her pocket watch again.

"Be present in uniform at the main hall in one hour," she instructs after finally getting all thirty-two of us in our own rooms.

My room was last on her list. Strangely, it is on a separate floor from the others but I do not inquire about it before going in.

Several outfits of blouses and skirts are hanging in the closet. I change into one and leave for the dining hall without unpacking.

Morwenna is already present waiting with two male vampires—London and Adrian. She is smiling at me. I wonder why.

"Are you hungry?" Adrian, the light blonde one, asks as he reaches for something in the fridge and hands me a bottle of thick red liquid.

I shake my head, but I take it.

"Drink. Go on," he motions. "No need to by shy. We have plenty."

I put my lips to the bottle and drink. Adrian is smiling, so I drink the whole bottle. He tosses the empty container to London as he approaches me.

"Woah, your eyes are still red," he says. "You should hide them before the guests arrive," he suggests. He is nice.

"Idiot. Her eyes are naturally red," London utters as he elbows Adrian's arm, hiding a slight red blush.

I smile at London. He is nice too. I wonder if he can see me behind his dark hair.

The others begin to trickle in half an hour later. Oddly, Morwenna is no longer smiling. Maybe she is unhappy. She starts frowning when she gives instructions.

We all form a line as we are counted off into different categories to help. Morwenna has me and three other new girls step aside as the remainder disappear into different directions.

"It is a high honor to directly serve your master and his friends. Be alert, note what they like and dislike, and attend to their needs. Don't speak out of turn and do what is asked," Morwenna instructs before offering a subtle smile. "Earn their favor and you'll be glad you did."

After opening the heavy curtains, we four wait in the sunlit dining hall as Morwenna, London, and Adrian greet Master's friends.

Two, four, another two, six. Now eight. It seems Master has awoken.

I open the door and bow my head. "Good morning, Master Aleksandar."

He drifts through and I close the door before returning to my position in line with the rest of the maids. Master takes the head seat of the long dining table and does not say a word as he stares at the tableware.

"What is he staring at? Did we place it wrong?" the girl next to me, Irina, whispers anxiously.

There are only two other sets aside from his own. But I count three guests' footsteps.

"We are missing a set," I reply quietly. The footsteps are still faint. Master's friends are taking their time.

They ignore me so I go to get it myself. Master is eating by the time I return and continue to while I set up the last seating. I take a quick glimpse at Master after I place the final piece in place and he finally looks up.

"Good morning." His eyes look even more golden in the light. "Evelyn."

The master's smile is also brighter in the morning. But it doesn't last long as the footsteps approach. Is he bipolar like Morwenna?


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