Chapter 39: The Show is Starting

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Jamie was finishing getting herself ready (A/N Pic above) when her zipper got stuck. She found Johnny walking by.

"Hey, Johnny?" she called.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Could you help me? My zipper's stuck," Jamie explained.

"Sure," he said.

He came in and as he helped her zip her dress up, being careful it didn't get caught in her fur, he noticed her outfit entirely.

"You look beautiful. As always," he said.

"And you look handsome. As always," she returned.

He smiled then asked, "How are you holding up?"

"Pretty good. I just wish--" Jamie started, realized it would be a bad idea to mention, then finished, "Never mind."

"What is it?" Johnny asked.

"Nothing. If I said what I was going to say, it would make us both upset," she replied.

Johnny realized what she meant.

"Is it about your parents?" he wondered.

She hesitated, sighed, then answered, "Yeah."

He turned her around and held her close. She returned it as he spoke.

"Jamie, I know you miss them, but don't forget you have another family. Rosita, Norman, their kids, Ash, Gunter, Meena, Mr. Moon, Miss Crawly, Eddie, Mike (well more or less for him)," he explained, making Jamie giggle at that part, then he continued as he got her to look at him, "And me. You've been a part of my family from the first time I saw you. I hope it's the same case with you."

She cupped his face gently as she answered, "It is. I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't met you. You're one of the best things that has happened to me and if I were to do it all over again, I would."

He smiled and they hugged once again. Jamie noticed Rosita looking at them and they gave each other a thumbs up and a smile.

Meena was teaching Eddie about being a stagehand when Buster came up to them.

"Hey. How's our new stagehand getting on?" Buster asked.

"He's learning fast," Meena answered.

"All set and standing by! I love this headset!" Eddie shouted from the headset he had.

"The audience are in their seats, Mr. Moon," Miss Crawly informed.

"Great!" Buster exclaimed.

He looked from behind the curtain to only see Norman, the piglets, Meena's family, and other animals here and there.

"That's all?" he asked.

He left then Rosita and Jamie looked out to see Norman, desperately trying to get the piglets under control.

"Get your pants back on, young man! Please, you guys, please. Please sit down! Hey, put your shoes back on right now! Zoe, I saw that! Stop it! And, Leo, that is disgusting!" he commanded.

They just smiled and went backstage with the others. Jamie and Johnny held hands as Buster came up to all of them, standing on a sandbag.

"Okay, guys, listen up. Look, I gotta tell you, um, there's not much of an audience out there tonight. But you know what? It doesn't matter. It really doesn't. 'Cause tonight is our night. And whatever happens, I just want you all to know how proud I am to be a part of this with you," he explained.

"And we're proud to do it with you, too," Jamie told him.

"Thanks, Jamie," Buster thanked.

"Good luck, Mr. Moon," Rosita said.

"Good luck, every-- whoa!" Buster said then was sent flying in the air and landed above the stage.

"Whoop. Uh...sorry. Just jumped the cue there. Don't worry. I'm gonna get the hang of this," Eddie assured.

And they were ready to begin.


A/N Time for the show to officially begin! Here we go!

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