Chapter 38: Preparing for the Show

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Mike finally arrived and went to talk to Buster.

"Ah, don't you worry, Mike. All is forgiven. Just glad you're back in one piece," Buster said.

"Oh, yeah, you're too kind, Mr. Moon. And, uh, the-- the prize money? It's, uh... I mean, it's-- It's real this time, right?" Mike asked.

"There is no prize money, 'cause there's no competition. Tonight you're singing for yourselves," Buster answered then called, "Two minutes, everybody. Final checks."

"Singing for ourselves? Unbelievable. What-what-what is...? Who's he...? This is crazy. I'm out of here," Mike scoffed then walked off.

Then Miss Crawly went out to tell everyone about the show, but it was more like scaring them away.

"Hello! Uh, We-We're-- We're putting on a show here. Hey! Come on. You all should come and see it. You! Come on! Come on, fella! It's going to be really good," she announced.


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