Chapter 37: Getting the Group Back Together

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Rosita and Jamie were helping with the kids when Rosita's phone rang. She answered it to hear Buster telling them they were doing the show.

"We are? Seriously?" she exclaimed, gave the piglet she was holding to Norman then answered, "Oh, my gosh! Okay. Okay, yes, we'll be right over."

She hung up the phone.

"What's going on?" Jamie asked.

"The show is back on," Rosita answered.

Jamie cheered with her and they got ready to help out.

Johnny was beating the punching bag when his phone rang.

"Hello? Oh, hello, Mr. Moon," he answered.

He got the news then got on his skateboard and rode over to the remains of the theater.

Everyone except Mike arrived and they got to work. They started building another stage and also rehearsed their songs.

When Johnny and Jamie were done, they smiled, satisfied.

"That was the best you've done it," Johnny said.

"Thanks," Jamie answered, blushing like crazy.

Then they all started getting ready for the show.


A/N Sorry for the short chapter, but time for the show to go on! Awesome!

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