Chapter 35: Meena Talks to Buster

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Meanwhile, Meena opened the door to the pool house to talk to Buster.

"Mr. Moon?" Meena asked.

"Meena, please," Buster said.

"Um, I-- I baked a cake for you 'cause, well, I know you're sad right now and probably afraid to try again and--" she started.

"Yeah, I am afraid. I'm afraid that this-- This, me, right now, this is who I am. This is-- This is my lot for life-- that I'm not the guy that my dad wanted me to be, not by a million miles," he explained.

"But-- But you told me--" Meena remarked.

"What? What? What did I say?" Buster asked.

"Well, you know, 'don't let fear stop you from doing the thing you love,'" she quoted.

"Ah, come. That's just a bunch of stupid, corny--" he shrugged off.

"No, it's not," Meena insisted.

"What, you really believe that you're gonna be a singer?" he asked

"Well, yeah, maybe," she answered.

"Well, then you're just as big a fool as I am!" Buster exclaimed.

That made Meena pretty upset and confused. Buster really is depressed if he no longer has hope in this singing competition anymore.

"Look, kid. You and me, we're both afraid for good reason. Right, 'cause deep down we know; we just don't have what it takes," Buster explained sadly.

She slammed the cake on the ground and ran. She put her headphones in as she walked back home then she saw the remains of the theater. She saw all the wreckage piled up against the edges as she went inside.


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