Chapter 34: Trying to Comfort Buster

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Buster was eating cereal while watching the news of what happened to the theater as Eddie was still asleep. He was in an old t-shirt and he was just depressed. He then heard a knock at the door.

"Eddie? There's someone at the door," Buster said.

Eddie didn't move, so Buster turned the TV off and looked to see the shadows of Miss Crawly and the others.

"Oh, no," Buster mumbled.

"Mr. Moon?" Miss Crawly called.

"Come on, Moon, you can't just hide out in your buddy's pool house," Ash pointed out.

"Yeah, we just want to make sure
you're all right, that's all," Rosita assured.

He opened the door to see everyone except Mike standing there.

"Hey, Mr. Moon," Rosita greeted.

"You okay?" Johnny asked.

"Guys, look, I'm sorry about what happened, and the prize money and--" Buster apologized.

"Oh, it's okay," Rosita said.

"No, none of this is okay," Buster disagreed.

"At least we're all in one piece," Ash remarked.

"Yeah, and you know what, I bet we can find some other place to put the show on. Right?" Rosita added.

"Yeah," everyone agreed.

"The show? Guys, I'm done," Buster said sadly, making them frown.

"Are you serious?" Johnny asked.

"What do you mean, done? Come on!" Ash replied.

"You're just gonna give up?" Jamie stated.

"Didn't you see this? Huh? Look, it says I'm a danger to society," Buster replied.

"What?" Rosita asked.

"Gah!" Gunter refused to believe.

"'A deluded, washed-up charlatan who never had a hit in his career,'" Buster read aloud sadly.

"Oh, come on, you don't believe all that," Rosita remarked.

"Yeah, I do," Buster nodded, closing the door, but Johnny stopped him.

"Listen, you're not the only one who lost something here. We all did," Johnny replied.

"Ja!" Gunter added.

"I mean, I lost any chance of ever speaking to my dad again over this show," Johnny continued.

"And Jamie could've lost her life because of what I did," Buster pointed out.

"But I didn't. And I don't blame you for what happened," Jamie responded, squeezing Johnny's hand lightly.

"But you could've. And I do. Sorry," Buster apologized, closing the door.

The others tried to help him, but he sulked over to his bed as the others except Meena left.

Jamie and Johnny went their own way for a while to talk. They sat down at a bench where they first talked when Johnny's dad told him he wanted him to be the getaway driver.

"How are you holding up?" he asked.

"Okay. What about you?" she returned.

"Not really good. My dad won't talk to me and I still feel bad about snapping at you over what happened," Johnny said.

"You don't need to be. I've forgiven you and I trust you with my life. Heck, you saved it," Jamie pointed out.

He chuckled a bit then asked, "That reminds me: do you still have my leather jacket I gave you?"

She nodded then answered, "When I get it, I'll return it."

He shook his head as he responded, "Keep it. I wanted you to have something from me anyway."

"You know I already have the skateboard from our first date, right?" she pointed out.

"Yeah, but that was a spare skateboard I just had lying around. I wanted to give you something that would remind you of me," he answered.

Jamie blushed as he smiled and scooted closer to her.

"Listen, Jamie. I have a question for you. It might not be the right time, but I want to know," Johnny replied.

"Okay," Jamie answered.

He held both of her hands, which made her smile gently.

He inhaled then explained, "Jamie, ever since I first heard you sing, I wanted to know the person with the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. I felt like I could be myself around you, which I haven't always been able to do. With my dad and the gang, I felt like an outcast. With the other contestants, I was keeping this huge secret. But with you, I feel everything wash away and I am free to be and do anything. I can't think of any time where you've let me down. Ever since you told me you were an orphan, I just wanted to be there for you like you have for me. And I want to do that."

Jamie's breath hitched as he continued.

"So with that being said, will you be my girlfriend?" he asked.

Jamie's face lit up with a huge smile as she hugged him and said, "YES! A million times infinity yes!"

He laughed as they stood up and twirled her around. When he stopped, they held each other for a little longer, just to breathe each other in. Johnny gave her a kiss on the cheek and she returned it. Then before they could actually kiss, Jamie got a text from Rosita.

"I gotta go. Text me?" she asked.

"Yeah," Johnny answered.

"Thanks," Jamie responded then whispered in his ear, "To be continued."

They went their separate ways, happy that they were together.


A/N Johnny and Jamie are finally together, even after everything that happened. Now can they all help Buster to get back on top?

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