Chapter 33: The Theater Goes Down

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A limo pulled up to the theater and Eddie and Nana walked out. Nana smiled at her return to her palace. Buster ran out to greet her.

"Nana!" he exclaimed, running up to her.

"Oh! Do not even think of embracing me," she demanded.

"You got it. Eddie, please show your Nana to the royal box," Buster requested.

"Oh, for heaven sakes, I'm perfectly capable of walking," Nana insisted, walking inside.

"You nervous?" Eddie asked.

"Are you kidding? I'm absolutely terrified," Buster laughed fearfully.

After they entered the theater, a yellow vehicle stopped by Mike's car.

"Boss. That's his car, isn't it? Right there," one of the bears asked.

"Pull over," the boss bear instructed.

Eddie and Nana sat in the royal box as Miss Crawly brought her tea.

"Lapsang souchong, courtesy of Mr. Moo... Moo..." she started then sneezed, making the tea spill.

"Wonderful," Nana grumbled.

Back outside, Mike was wrapping up his phone call with his girlfriend.

"H-honey, honey, the show is starting, all right? I can't talk now. I gotta go," he said then responded, "Of course I love you. You think I'd buy you diamond earrings if I didn't--"

Then the three bears (A/N Sorry; couldn't resist. Lol!) caught him.

"Where is my money?" the boss bear demanded.

"Okay, okay, listen, listen, I just, uh...I just maybe kind of, uh, spent it all. You know?" Mike confessed.

Then the bear put Mike in his mouth.

"No, no, no, please, please, wait! I'll give you the money. I'll-I'll get you...
I'll get you $100,000!" Mike promised in a panic.

The bear got him out and chuckled as he said, "Where are you going to get that kind of money?"

"Moon! Okay? Moon's got my money," Mike answered.

"Who is this 'Moon'?" the bear asked.

Buster breathed and Meena lowered the moon he was standing on slowly.

"All creatures great and small, welcome to the Moon Theater. I am your host, Buster Moon, and--" Buster announced.

Then the moon dropped but Meena caught him quickly.

"Okay. Behold! The very first stage lit entirely by...Squid power," Buster continued.

The curtain opened to show the stage and wall were tanks full of water and squids. They moved synchronizingly to the beat of the music. The others backstage cheered as Buster jumped on the stage.

"Beautiful work, guys. Now just follow me on the beat," he whispered.

The squids followed him wherever he went.

"And as you can see, this is no ordinary theater. This is a palace of wonder and magic," Buster said, recalling Nana's words.

"He's done it! He's really done it, Nana!" Eddie cheered.

"Oh, goodness," Nana gasped approvingly.

"Now welcome our first contestant--" Buster started to introduce.

Then the bears entered, the leader squeezing Mike in his paw.

"Which one of you is Moon?" he demanded.

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