Chapter 32: Preparing for Nana's Visit

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Johnny finished his song perfectly and Jamie almost squealed with delight.

"Whew. How's that, Miss Crawly? Jamie?" he asked.

He saw Miss Crawly asleep, but after he stood up, Jamie hugged his neck.

"That was amazing, Johnny!" she cheered.

"Thanks!" he responded.

He spun her around as she went into a giggling fit. When he stopped, he put her down and they locked eyes. They started leaning in again until Meena opened the door.

"Hey," she said.

Miss Crawly woke, scared from the entry. Johnny and Jamie quickly scooted away from each other.

"Sorry," Meena apologized then announced, "Mr. Moon would like everyone to meet backstage before she arrives."

They nodded and left for backstage.

Meanwhile, Ash was singing the last verse of a song she wrote herself.

"When you set it all free, all free, all free
When you set it all free"

"Wow. You wrote that?" Buster asked.

"Uh yeah. Do you like it?" Ash wondered.

"Are you kidding? It's fantastic. You've gotta sing that today," Buster exclaimed.

Ash smiled to herself before she went backstage.

"Mike, you're on first," Buster said.

"Sure. Uh, just a second here," Mike replied when his phone rang.

He answered it and it was his girlfriend.

"Honey, I'm busy...What? I can't hear you," he answered, leaving the area.

"Rosita and Gunter, you're on after Mike," Buster announced.

"You got it, boss," Rosita responded, entering the building.

"Rosita! Super cool! You've, like, totally come back," Gunter exclaimed, giving her a high five.

"Okay, Johnny, you follow them," Buster continued.

"What? Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, I'm ready. Yeah, yeah, yeah," Johnny said, holding a newspaper with his dad on the cover.

"Ash, you're--" Buster started.

"After Johnny. I got it," Ash responded.

"Jamie, you'll go after Ash, unless Meena wants to go. I want to save you for last," Buster told the female gorilla.

"You got it," she answered.

"So Meena, last chance, kid. You want to join these guys out there today?" Buster asked.

"I-- I would. I-- I just get so scared," Meena responded.

"Sure, you do. All right, but you know how to get over that, right?" he wondered.

"Uh, no," she answered.

"You just start singing. Do what you love, then you'll be great 'cause you won't be afraid anymore because you'll actually be doing it, right?" Buster explained.

"Uh..." Meena remarked.

"Look, do you love to sing? I mean, do you really love it?" he asked.

"Of course I do," she stated.

"Then you face this head-on, Meena. Because, like my dad always said, 'Don't let fear stop you from doing the thing you love,'" Buster told her.

"Uh...Okay, I'll do it," she agreed.

"Great," Buster exclaimed.

"Mr. Moon! She's here," Miss Crawly announced.

Then Buster went to greet Miss Nana Noodleman.


A/N Nana Noodleman has arrived! Oh snap!

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