Chapter 31: Getting Things Ready

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Meena and Buster walked across the rooftops to a nearby water tower.

"Mr. Moon, are you sure this is legal?" Meena asked.

"Uh...I don't know. All right, but if you keep asking questions, we'll never get this done. Now, hit it!" Buster instructed as he put a hose on one end of it.

She turned it on then water went through. They started rebuilding the whole stage by getting all the windows and replacing the wooden boards with them, then filling it with water. They even got squids from a fancy restaurant to come and light it up. They just finished as daylight came.

Rosita left the house with boundless confidence as Norman was getting ready for work.

"Rosita, Jamie, have you seen my car--" he started to ask until he tripped on a ball, exclaiming "Whoa!"

The ball hit the contraption, making breakfast cereal and milk go everywhere, even all over Norman.

"Girls, what the...? What's going on?" Norman asked as he was blinded by milk then shouted, "Rosita! Jamie!"

Then the device gave him a bath in the sink and put him on the table while the kids laughed.

"Kids, where's Mommy and Jamie?" he wondered

Then they were all picked up in the table cloth, yelling for Rosita and Jamie.


A/N Well, Buster and Meena are working on a brand new stage while Norman and the piglets are trapped by Jamie's and Rosita's contraption. Crazy.

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