Chapter 27: The Full Rehearsal Part 2

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Gunther and Rosita walked off the stage while she was holding her snout in pain.

"You can't just sing it. You've got to show the fire and desire," Gunter told her.

"The fire went out a long time ago," Rosita said.

"What?" Gunter asked.

"Look, I can't even keep count of the steps," she replied.

"Ugh! Counting schmounting! She sings too much with her head, right?" Gunter asked.

Ash blew a bubble of gum and nodded.

"Ja, ja, see? Forget the steps and just, like, let the music take control
of your body parts," he explained.

"My body parts are not responding, okay? It's never gonna happen. I should just be getting groceries. Jamie, are you good getting home?" Rosita said.

"Yeah. I'm good," Jamie responded.

"Okay. I'll be at the store," Rosita told her sadly then left.

The others tried to get her to stay, but it didn't stop her.

Rosita opened the door to the entrance only to hear a voice.

"Psst! Hey! Hey! Down here. Have you seen three nasty-looking bears out there?" Mike asked.

"Uh... no," Rosita answered.

"Oh, great. Hey, by the way, I love your act. Seriously, the part where you fall flat on your face? Oh, that cracks me up, every time. See you around, Porky," Mike remarked as he left.

Rosita sighed sadly then went to get groceries.

Meanwhile, Johnny was finishing his song.

"And you give me all of you

"Ah, man," he mumbled.

"Johnny, uh, I know I'm asking a lot of you--" Buster said.

"Mr. Moon, I'm really trying, I promise," Johnny assured.

"What about your backup song? Have you practiced that?" Buster asked.

"Uh, well, not yet," Johnny answered, looking at his watch.

"Well, why don't we go back and work on that one, okay? I mean, look, if you play like that in front of Nana Noodleman--" Buster started to explain.

But when he looked back up, Johnny was gone.

"Johnny? Then who's gonna do Jamie's song?" Buster asked.

"Johnny had to go pick his dad up from work. His car broke down. I can perform with the CD," Jamie said when she walked on stage.

"Okay. Go for it," Buster told her.

The music played and Jamie started singing. As she did, she thought of Johnny and she realized she wanted him. She really liked him. No, she loved him. Thinking of him, when he played this song as she sang. The thought made her smile and each note she sang while thinking of him was stronger than the last. When she was done, she looked at Buster and Miss Crawly, whose jaws were wide open until they started clapping.

"That was amazing, Jamie!" Buster complemented.

"Thanks," Jamie smiled.

"Wait until Nana sees that," Buster said excitedly.

But Jamie wasn't focused on Nana Noodleman's approval at that moment.

'I hope Johnny made it,' she thought.


A/N So now what? Will Johnny make it back?

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