Chapter 24: Visiting Nana

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Eddie was walking towards his Nana's when his phone rang. He saw it was Buster and answered it.

"Good morning, Buster," Eddie greeted.

"Hey, Eddie. How are you?" Buster wondered.

"Good. How's the show going?" Eddie asked.

"Ah, it's going great. Hey, that's a sharp jacket you've got on today," Buster commented.

"Oh, thanks," Eddie said then realized, "Wait."

He turned to his left to see Buster at the gate to his Nana's house, making him let out a small shriek.

"What are you doing here?" Eddie said.

"Eddie, you can't come visit your Nana without bringing her some flowers. Here," Buster said, handing him flowers then ringing the bell.

"What? No! Buster, no! Don't go in there!" Eddie shouted, running after his friend as the gate opened.

"Yes, can I help--?" the butler asked, letting them in.

"Buster!" Eddie called.

"Ah, Nana!" Buster greeted.

There coming down the stairs with a cup of tea in her hand was Nana Noodleman!

"Just look at you, dear. Wow! You don't look a day over 90," Buster commented.

"Oh, my gosh," Eddie face palmed.

"Buster Moon. We met at Eddie's graduation," Buster introduced, getting the bouquet of flowers he gave Eddie.

"Oh, lucky me. A visit from my useless grandson and his ghastly little theater friend," Nana said.

"Look at that. She remembers me," Buster smiled at Eddie then continued, "Okay Nana, how would you like to be the sponsor for a very prestigious prize?"

"Not for that singing contest I saw on the news," Nana replied.

"That's the one," Buster nodded.

"Oh, I see. You don't have the money, do you?" Nana guessed.

"Well, we don't quite have it all locked in..." Buster admitted.

"Well, you'll not get a cent out of me," Nana refused.

"Nana, please, just listen to me for one second, okay?" Buster requested.

"No, absolutely not," Nana declined.

"Don't listen to him, Nana," Eddie said.

"I'm not listening to either of you," Nana remarked.

"Just wait one second," Buster said.

"Lapsang souchong, no sugar, and be quick about it," Nana commanded, giving Eddie her cup and Eddie gave him the flowers then went after Nana.

"Uh, Nana, I-- I don't know how to make tea," Eddie stammered.

They went into the other room where Buster saw an old poster from the show he saw Nana in when he was six.

"Wow. I saw this show when I was a kid. Nana, you were absolutely amazing," Buster said.

"Please, this flattery is futile. I have no intention of bailing you out. Your pathetic shows are the reason that theater no longer has an audience," Nana told him.

"Oh, but this show is gonna-- gonna pack 'em in like it did in the good old days," Buster assured.

"They were not 'good old days,' Mr. Moon. They were magnificent. And that theater of yours, it was a palace of wonder and magic," Nana said.

"But, Nana, it still is," Buster replied.

"Yeah, right," Eddie said, was hit in the chin, then exclaimed, "Ow!"

"I can recall the ushers in their velvet suits. Queues a mile long just to get a ticket. The curtain rising over that glorious stage," Nana explained.

"Music and light bringing dreams to life?" Buster asked.

"Precisely," she responded.

"Well, it's just like you remember it. In fact, I've made it even more spectacular," Buster told her.

"No, you haven't," Eddie whispered, lightly kicked him.

"Shh," Buster shushed him then continued, "Come see for yourself. Uh, a special performance just for you. What do you say, Nana?"

"I say...You are a liar, Mr. Moon," Nana responded.

A small frown appeared on Buster's face. She won't help him out?

"Okay, well, we're done now. Thank you, Nana," Eddie replied, dragging Buster toward the exit.

"But anything's better than spending another evening playing checkers with this old fart," she commented.

"What?" the butler said.

"Great. It's gonna blow you away, Nana. And that is no lie," Buster promised.


A/N So Nana will get to see the show and may help with the prize money. Sounds good.

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