Chapter 23: Trouble Brewing

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"Baby, I'm back," Ash called as she entered her house.

After she set her guitar case down and put her keys on the table she could hear music and singing. She went into the living room to see Lance singing with a female porcupine, playing a tambourine. Ash's eyes widened when they about kissed.

"What is going on here?" Ash asked, getting both of the porcupines' attention.

"Hi. I'm Becky," the female porcupine greeted.

"Becky?" Ash demanded.

Then Ash threw both of them out.

"Hey, what did you expect? You're never around anymore," Lance said.

"I did it for us, Lance! You and me!" Ash yelled, throwing his guitar case at him, making him fall.

"Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry. I think I left my sunglasses in there," Becky replied, going toward the door.

Ash slammed it shut then put her quills to the door and slid down to sit in front of the door. How could Lance do this to her?

"Come on, Becky. Let's get out of here," Lance told Becky, leaving a very upset Ash.


Mike was back at the club, just winning a game of poker.

"Jackpot, baby! Whoo-hoo!" Mike cheered.

So did his girlfriend and he tossed his cash in the other.

"Well, I say we call it a night there, fellas. Hey, uh, put the cash in my car, will you, Derek?" Mike asked his chauffeur, which he tipped.

Derek stuffed the cash into the suitcase and left.

"Well, you're one great card player, Mike," the head bear replied.

"Not so bad yourself," Mike commented, holding his girlfriend close.

"Except I still can't tell how you cheated," the bear finished.

"Cheated? Cheated? Oh, I am offended. Come on, baby, let's cut some rug," Mike scolded.

Just as the two mice were leaving, the bear noticed something sticking out of Mike's jacket, so he picked him up to see.

"Oh! Wh-- Whhat the--?" Mike started.

The bear pulled out the ace of spades from under Mike's jacket.

"Oh. How did that get there?" Mike asked, kicked the bear in the face, and ran as he shouted to his girl, "Run for it, baby!"

The chase was on. Mike eventually made it to the car as the bears were gaining. They did manage to get to the car, but Mike escaped.

"So long, suckers!" he shouted.


A/N Well, things are really starting to go downhill. But it's going to get crazier.

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