Chapter 22: Family Business

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Johnny was still trying to learn how to play his song, but was failing. He banged the keys then sighed in frustration.

"Yes, that was very bad," Miss Crawly said while getting herself some coffee.

Jamie came in with Caspar in her arms.

"Is that the guy you keep talking about?" Caspar asked.

Jamie started to blush then laugh nervously when Johnny turned to face them.

"He-- He's such a kidder," she laughed then whispered to Caspar, "You wanna go back to Mommy?"

"No. I'm good," he shook his head.

"Okay. Here are some chips. Now sit and enjoy," she told him, he obeyed, then she said as she sat by Johnny, "Kids."

"Yeah," Johnny chuckled, then asked, "You wanna run through your song? I've gotten better at it."

"Sure. Let's do it," she smiled.

He started playing and she started singing. As they continued, everything felt at ease, like nothing else was going on. Johnny played beautifully while Jamie got lost in the music. Johnny smiled at her as he kept playing and she noticed, which she returned it. Then they were finished and Jamie cheered while Caspar jumped around excitedly and in approval.

"That was awesome!" she squealed and hugged Johnny's neck.

He returned it and chuckled as he answered, "Thanks, Jamie."

"That was really good," Miss Crawly added.

"Johnny. Come in. Over," Johnny's dad came over the walkie on Johnny's jacket, getting everyone's attention.

"Oh, Johnny, your jacket's talking," Miss Crawly said.

"Johnny, where are you?" Big Daddy continued.

Johnny scrambled to the walkie and whispered, "Dad, what's going on? Over."

He heard what he needed to do then signed off. He looked at Jamie like he was asking permission.

"Go talk to Mr. Moon. But you still need to tell your dad," she said.

"I will. Thanks, Jamie," he replied.

"You're welcome," she answered.

They hugged then Johnny went to talk to Buster.

"What do you mean you gotta leave now?" Buster asked.

"I know. I'm-- I'm so sorry. It's just, I've got this family business thing," Johnny explained.

"Do I need to start worrying about your commitment here, Johnny? Tell me no," Buster wondered.

"No. Absolutely not. I promise it won't happen again," Johnny promised.

"It better not," Buster warned.

"Thank you, Mr. Moon," Johnny said then went to help his dad.


A/N Jamie's right: Johnny needs to tell his dad the truth. What'll happen when it comes to that?

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