Chapter 18: Johnny and Jamie Hang Out

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Big Daddy was timing how fast Johnny could drive their truck. He was at 28 seconds, but his dad wasn't impressed. Johnny pulled up to him.

"How was that, Dad?" Johnny asked.

"You're still too soft on them corners, Johnny. You got to attack 'em," Big Daddy said.

Johnny rolled his eyes, not wanting to do this.

"And you're crunching the gears. I told you, you got to be gentle with the-- Look, turn that down," Big Daddy continued.

Then Johnny took off.

"Oi! Listen to your father!" his father yelled.

That's when Jamie came up to him.

"Hi," she greeted.

When Big Daddy saw her, he asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Jamie. I'm a friend of Johnny's. We met at the skate park a little while back," Jamie explained.

"Well, it's nice to meet you," Big Daddy said.

"Same with you," Jamie returned.

Meanwhile, Johnny was mimicking what his dad told him to do, frustrated about the whole thing.

"'Too soft on the corners, Johnny.' 'You're not doing it right, Johnny.' 'Speed up, Johnny.' 'Do it like I showed you,'" he said as he drove around.

Then he was heading straight for Jamie and his dad at top speed.

"Whoa!" he screamed and slammed the brakes.

Jamie ducked while Big Daddy jumped out of the way. The truck finally stopped and Johnny turned the music off. He tried to look to see what happened to them.

"Dad? Jamie?" he called then realized, "Oh, no. I've run over my dad and my crush."

Then Big Daddy slapped the hood of the car, scaring Johnny to death.

"Now, that is more like it," he chuckled, showing the timer to be at 16 seconds.

Then Jamie popped up and Johnny sighed in relief.

"Geez, Johnny! Are you training to be the fastest race car driver alive? Because you're off to a great start," she said.

"Sorry, Jamie. Are you okay?" he asked as he got out of the car and went up to her, holding her arms.

"Yeah," she assured.

"Well, Johnny told me he was hanging out with someone tonight, specifically, 'a very pretty girl.' And I can say he was right," Big Daddy joked.

Jamie giggled and Johnny whispered, "Dad!"

"It's fine. And can I borrow a skateboard? I left mine at home," Jamie asked.

"What?" he wondered, she gave him a signal to just go with it, then answered, "Oh yeah! I'll be right back."

He ran in and got his skateboard and an extra for Jamie.

"So when did Johnny mention me?" Jamie asked.

"He started this morning and hasn't stopped since. He really likes you," Big Daddy answered.

"Well, the feeling's mutual, but please don't tell him, okay?" she asked.

"You got it, Missy," he answered.

Then Johnny came back with the skateboards.

(A/N Jamie's skateboard above.)

"Alright, let's go," he said.

"Have fun, you two," Big Daddy replied.

They waved and started riding toward the skate park. Jamie was struggling a lot and Johnny chuckled.

"What's so funny?" she asked, trying not to laugh.

"You are really bad at this," he answered.

"I know. Is this what I get for laughing at you when you were trying to play the piano?" she wondered.

"Yes, it is. Do you want my help?" he offered.

"Sure," she said.

They stopped and he positioned her on the board, holding her waist from behind her.

"So, I'm your crush?" Jamie smirked.

Johnny stopped and blushed then answered, "Where'd you hear that?"

"When you stopped the car and you thought you ran over both me and your dad," she said.

"Well, I think you misheard. I really said, 'Oh no. I ran over them and they're crushed,'" Johnny lied.

"Sure," Jamie chuckled and replied, "You also almost blew my cover."

Johnny went in front of her and said, "What do you mean?"

"You asked me to not tell your dad about the competition. I agreed. I tell him we met at the skate park. You almost make him think I lied, which I did, but still," Jamie chuckled.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry," he apologized, rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's fine. And is this your first time being the getaway driver?" she wondered.

"Yeah," Johnny answered.

"Well, I know you don't want to be in the gang, but that driving was pretty cool," she said.

He chuckled at that then asked, "You ready to get to the park?"

"Yeah, let's go," she nodded.

They rode off then hung out for about an hour and a half until Jamie needed to get home.

"Well, I hate to say it, but I better get going," she said.

"Aw man," Johnny said.

"I know. I'm so much fun to hang with," she joked.

"This was definitely worth losing the bet," he stated.

She blushed then hugged him. He returned it and then she kissed his cheek. He was surprised at this, but kept hugging her. When they parted, they smiled at each other.

"I'll see you tomorrow," she told him.

"Yeah, you will," he nodded then added, "And you can keep the skateboard."

"Thanks. See ya," she waved.

"Bye," he returned.

They both went back to their homes, hopeful that they would get together.


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