Chapter 17: Later That Evening

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Mike was at the bank, trying to get a good deal.

"Yes, indeed, uh, I am about to come into a very, very large sum of money. $100,000, to be precise," Mike explained.

"Well, is that so? In that case, sir, you'll be wanting our platinum card," the guy in charge said, handing him the card.

Mike gasped and got ready to leave. He honked his horn when he saw the female mouse and pulled over in a nice red car. He smirked at her and she smiled. He got out and escorted her in.

"Well, well, well, hello again," Mike greeted Mario in the front.

He let them both in.


Ash and Lance laughed at the list of songs Buster chose for her to sing.

"Oh, man, these are, like, the cheesiest songs of all time," Lance said.

"I know, right? I mean, I was even thinking of writing my own song instead," Ash admitted.

"Wait, what? Your own song?" Lance questioned.

"Well, yeah," she answered.

"Look, if you want to win that money, just do what the koala says," he told her.

"Why? You think I can't write my own song?" Ash asked.

"Whoa, whoa. I'm just saying, not everyone can write songs, okay? I know I make it look easy, babe, but it's not," Lance responded.


Meena got off the bus as she listened to her music through her headphones. Then when the bus moved she saw her mom, her grandparents, and the whole neighborhood in the front yard. She removed her headphones in confusion.

"Oh, here she is. Quiet down, everybody," her mom quieted down the crowd.

"So, Meena, are you in the show?" her grandpa asked excitedly.

"Uh...Well, yeah, kind of, but--" Meena answered.

Then the whole crowd cheered at the news. Her mother ran up to her.

"She did it! Oh, I'm so proud of you, I could pop!" her mom squealed as she hugged her daughter tight.

"That's my birthday wish coming true right there!" her grandpa cheered.

"Way to go, Meena!" one neighbor congratulated.

"Oh, Meena, we love you!" another said.

"Mom. What the heck?" Meena asked.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. Don't be mad, okay? It was your grandma. She told the whole street about your audition," her mom said.

"Mom, no, wait," Meena tried to explain.

"Shh, shh. Shush, baby. You need to save that singing voice of yours. So, from now on, just nod or shake your head, okay?" her mom instructed.

Meena nodded and the whole neighborhood cheered. But Meena couldn't help but think of what would happen if her family knew the truth.


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