Chapter 14: Rehearsals

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(A/N Rosita is freaking Super Mom! She's amazing!)

Rosita and Jamie left early the next morning for rehearsals.

The alarm clock went off, making the curtains open, which woke up the piglets. A tape recorder started playing and Rosita's voice came on.

"Good morning, everybody. Now, I want you all dressed before breakfast," it said.

A toy train traveled near the ceiling, preparing the kids' cereal around the table.

"Breakfast!" they all screamed as they sat down at the table.

"Rosita, Jamie, have you seen my car keys?" Norman asked as he came down the stairs.

"Don't forget, your keys are in your coat pocket," Rosita's voice came over the tape recorder.

"Oh, I found 'em. Bye, honey. Bye, Jamie," Norman said then left.

"Bye, Norman," both Jamie's and Rosita's voice came over the intercom.

"Time for school," Jamie's voice sounded.

The kids got up as devices picked up the table cloth with everything on it. Then the kids approached the door while another device handed the bags to each piglet as Rosita's voice sounded again.

"Bye, Iggy. Bye, Perry. Bye, Carla. Bye, Gail. Bye, Rory. Bye, Mickey. Bye, Moe. Bye, Nelson. Bye, Hannah. Bye, Tess. Bye, Kelly. Bye, George. Bye, Andy. Bye, Freddy. Bye-bye, Caspar," her voice said, the device shut the door, then locked it.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Rosita walked into the theater, ready to start. Everyone lined up along the stage, waiting for Buster to give them their songs.

"This contest is war. This stage is the battlefield. Your song is your weapon. Now, you only get one shot to blow that audience away, so choose carefully from the list of songs I've selected for each of you," Buster announced, noticed Ash, then responded, "Ah, talked some sense into that boyfriend of yours."

"Lance is an artist, but I wouldn't expect you to understand that," Ash responded.

"You're right. I don't understand that at all," Buster said then continued, "Now, you'll notice each list also includes my costume and performance suggestions. Okay? Miss Crawly will show you to your rehearsal spaces. Now, let's get to work."

"Excuse me, Mr. Moon? For some reason, it says here that I should be playing the piano?" Johnny asked.

"Yes, just imagine: big, soulful guy like you tenderly playing the keys. There'll be goose bumps everywhere," Buster answered.

"Well, I haven't played piano since I was a kid," Johnny said.

"Miss Crawly, we're gonna need some piano lessons over here," Buster called.

"Yes, sir! Up the stairs. I'll be right along," Miss Crawly instructed.

"And not to put more pressure on you, but you'll also help Jamie with her song. All the songs I chose for her also require a piano," Buster added to Johnny.

"He doesn't have to do that, Mr. Moon. I know how to play the piano," Jamie stated.

"No, it's fine. I can learn two songs," Johnny insisted.

"Are you sure?" Jamie asked.

"Yeah," Johnny assured.

"Okay. Well since you know how to play, could you teach him the song you pick while Miss Crawly helps him with his?" Buster asked.

"Sure. I can do that," Jamie nodded.

"Great. And, Pete, you're in here," Buster continued.

"You got it, Mr. Moon," Pete responded.

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