Chapter 12: After the Auditions

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The camera crew showed all the chosen ones for the contest.

"And you can see the lucky few
leaving the theater behind me. Now back to you in the studio, John," Bob announced.

Meena's mother turned the TV off, trying to not make her daughter sadder than she already was.

"Oh, honey, please don't cry. You are not a failure. There'll be other chances. You just--" she tried to assure.

"Bah! To heck there will!" Meena's granddad interrupted.

"Dad, please," Meena's mom tried to make him stop.

"Come on! Don't you want this?" her granddad asked.

"Well, sure, but I messed it up," Meena answered sadly.

"Then you gotta go back there tomorrow and say, 'Mr. Moon, I demand you let me re-audition!' Be confident! Show 'em you ain't gonna be pushed around! You got that, Meena?" her grandpa asked.

"Um..." Meena answered uncertainly.

"Good! Now, go get my cocoa," her grandpa requested, grabbed some of the muffins they made, then left the kitchen.


Ash was cleaning up the apartment as Lance was randomly singing and playing his guitar about Ash wanting to go for the contest, making fun of her.

"Would you stop? I'd only be doing it for us," Ash told him.

"Oh, really?" Lance asked sarcastically.

"Yes, really. If I won that money, we could build our own recording studio, start our own label. I mean, the whole world would get to hear your songs," Ash explained.

"I'm not listening to my girlfriend 'cause she just wants to sell out," Lance sang, making Ash groan.


Mike was playing his saxophone on the street until he saw a female white mouse in a purple dress walk by. He walked beside her, playing his saxophone romantically. That is until she walked into a club and the gorilla, Mario, wouldn't let him in.

"Hey! Uh, just a min-- Oh, oh, wait. W-Wait!" Mike started.

The mouse looked back at him, smiled, then continued walking into the club, making Mike sigh dreamily.

"Oh, look at-- I know Derek, the manager. He'll vouch for me. Come on!" Mike tried to persuade Mario, but it didn't work.

"Hey, Mario. How's it going?" one of three bears greeted and the gorilla let them in.

"Oh, for crying out loud. Oh, yeah, oh, let the bears in. Let the bears in. Fine," Mike fussed then played at sour note at Mario.


Johnny walked into the mechanics shop that he called home, happy he made it into the competition and that he gets to hang out with Jamie the next day. Then he found Big Daddy, Stan, and Barry surrounding a table.

"There he is! I got a surprise for you, my son," Big Daddy said proudly.

"What's that?" Johnny asked after he set his skateboard aside then walked to his dad.

"Tell him the plan," Big Daddy told the gorilla in the blue suit, Stan, as he put an arm around Johnny.

"Right. We've been told there's a ship carrying 25 million in gold, gonna dock at night right here. With the usual guards here and here. But, lucky for us, there's a sewer right under here. So the getaway driver meets us here," Stan explained.

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