Chapter 11: What to Do About the $100 Grand

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At the time, Miss Crawly was sobbing away in Buster's office.

"For the last time, Miss Crawly, I'm not going to fire you. Now, would you pull yourself together, and please blow that nose of yours," Buster said.

She did so until Buster stopped her.

"No, no, no, not in here. Blow it outside. Thank you," he responded.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Moon," Miss Crawly apologized as she went into her office.

"Buster, what do you expect? She's like 200 years old," Eddie pointed out.

"Eddie, please, look. If your folks could just loan me the money until--" Buster requested.

"$100,000? Buster, come on," Eddie interrupted.

"Hoo! I gotta think. I've gotta think. I've gotta think. I've got to come up with a solution..." Buster mumbled to himself.

"Look, maybe it's time to stop thinking and it's time to just move on. I mean, this theater of yours, you could get some decent money for it and...I don't know, maybe we could do something together," Eddie suggested.

"What? What, like sit around playing video games? Nyah! Do you know what that is?" Buster asked, pointing at a metal bucket.

"Uh, it's a bucket?" Eddie answered.

"Yes, and do you know why I have this bucket?" Buster continued.

"'Cause the roof is leaking?" Eddie guessed.

"No, that's the bucket for the leak," Buster answered, pointing to the other bucket that was full of water, then approached the first bucket as he explained, "I have this one 'cause it belonged to my father. Every day for 30 years, he worked his tail off washing cars just so I could buy this place. Every day, Eddie. Just for me."

"Wow. Sounds like a great dad. So, how are you gonna handle this?" Eddie asked.

"Oh, Mr. Moon, I got Judith from the bank holding on line two again," Miss Crawly said over the phone.

Buster sighed and responded, "Well, there's only one thing I can do."

He left the office and went towards the stage where everyone else was.

"Okay, everybody, listen up," Buster stated.

"Shh, shh, shh," Rosita and Gunter quieted everyone down.

"I gotta send you all home. Right now," Buster remarked.

Everyone was really confused. Why were they being sent home?

"Yep. 'Cause, like my dad used to say, 'get a good night's sleep and do a great day's work.' That's right. Rehearsals begin first thing tomorrow morning. And if you want to become stars and win 100 grand, then you better be ready to work harder than you've ever worked in your lives. So get some sleep and dream big dreams," Buster announced.

Everyone cheered then the red panda group came back and started performing their number again. The others just laughed.

"Miss Crawly!" Buster called.

"Okay, come on. That's enough now. Come on, off the stage. Please," Miss Crawly shooed the red pandas away.

Once everyone was away, Eddie questioned to Buster, "Dream big dreams?"

"I know, it's good, right?" Buster asked.

"What about the 100 grand?" Eddie wondered in a panic.

"Don't you worry, Eddie. There's got to be a way to get it," Buster assured.

"What? Buster, no, listen to me! This show is not gonna save your theater. You're at rock bottom, pal," Eddie pointed out.

"Yep, and you know what's great about hitting rock bottom, Eddie? There's only one way left to go, and that's up," Buster exclaimed, pulling a lever.

He was sent flying toward the ceiling as Eddie started to worry about his friend. What was he getting himself into?


A/N Well, Buster has to figure out how to get $100,000 before the contest. Will he be able to do so?

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