Chapter 9: The Prize Money is $100,000?

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Eddie approached the theater as all the contestants who didn't make it in walked out.

"That koala's a fool, Sherry-Anne. You are going to be a star one day!"  the kangaroo said as she shoved her child in her pouch.

"Auditions are over, pal. Show's already been cast," the hippo from earlier told Eddie.

Meanwhile, the ones chosen were ready to get started.

"Okay. You are my chosen few. Yes! This is it, folks. A defining moment in all of our lives," Buster told them.

Then he noticed a red panda girl group who were smiling like they made it in the show. They all wore the same outfit but they were different colors: pink, red, yellow, green, and blue.

"Um, no. No, no, no, not you guys. I dismissed all of the group acts already. You-- You can go home," Buster told them.

The one in blue started talking in Japanese and they bowed.

"Look, look, look, I'm really sorry, but all of the slots are filled," Buster tried to explain.

The one in blue continued then played the music. All the red pandas were performing as Buster tried to get them to stop.

"No, no, no, no, listen. No in show. Good-bye-bye. Miss Crawly!" Buster requested as he turned the radio off and the red pandas laughed with glee and Eddie sat in one of the chairs.

"Come on, you guys, out. Out of here. Come on, off the stage. Thank you so much," Miss Crawly told them as she shooed them away with a broom.

"Hey, Moon. What's the story? Is the prize really inside this thing?" Mike asked.

"The prize? Oh, sure. Yes, it's all in there," Buster answered.

"Well, open it, will you? I want to see what $100,000 looks like," Mike demanded.

The others agreed and urged Buster to open the chest.

"Sure, I'll open it," Buster said as he reached for his keys, realized he misheard Mike, then asked him, "Wait. What did you say?"

"He said $100,000," Eddie answered, holding one of the flyers.

"A hundr--" Buster started as he saw the flyer then yelped.

He looked at the contestants and nervously approached Miss Crawly.

"Uh...I forgot my keys. I'll be right back," he said.

He pushed Miss Crawly toward his office as Eddie followed.


A/N Well, Buster just realized that this is not what he asked Miss Crawly to put on the flyer. How can he fix this?

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