Chapter 8: The Results

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After the final performance, Buster and Miss Crawly were preparing for who they were going to pick.

"Okay, that's everyone, Mr. Moon," Miss Crawly said.

"Whew! All right, call everyone back to stage, Miss Crawly, and let's get--" Buster started.

"Hello! Ooh. Uh, can I have everybody back to stage, please! Everyone come back to stage for selection," Miss Crawly announced through the megaphone, making Buster's ears ring.

"Okay. Thank you, Miss Crawly," he thanked.

"You're welcome, Mr. Moon," Miss Crawly responded, still through the megaphone, but this time actually in his ear.

Everyone came out and awaited for Buster's decision.

"All right. Let's see, now. Hmm. I'll take..." he started then pointed at the group of frogs, saying, "You guys."

"Yes!" they cheered.

"And which one of you is the girl?" he asked between Ash and Lance.

"Ha ha. Very funny," Ash responded sarcastically.

"'Loud and horrible, but shows promise.' Welcome to the show," Buster said.

"Cool. I guess we could hang," Lance responded.

"No, no. I just want her, not you," Buster corrected.

"What?" both porcupines questioned.

"All right, the rest of the group acts, thank you so much," Buster said.

The rest of the group acts groaned as they headed for the exit.

"Oh, don't feel bad, folks. There will be a ten percent discount on tickets for everyone," Buster assured.

"Yeah, sure, thanks a lot," one of them said sarcastically.

"Let's get out of here, Ash. Ash?" Lance commanded when she didn't follow.

"Uh, yeah. Yeah, let's go," she agreed uncertainly.

"Okay, soloists. Johnny, Jamie, Mike, Pete, Richard, Daniel and Ray," Buster called up.

All of them stepped forward and Johnny and Jamie smiled at each other.

"Mike! Ooh-hoo-hoo! Wowza! I've gotta have you in my show," Buster told the white mouse.

"Oh, I...If you insist," Mike responded like it was obvious.

"And I'll take Pete..." Buster decided.

"Ooh, yeah!" Pete cheered.

"And two more. Let me see, now," Buster said as he went behind Richard.

Then Richard farted right in Buster's face.

"Oh, my gosh, I am so sorry," he quickly apologized.

But he kept going by accident.

"Oh, what is wrong with me?" Richard stated.

"Um, thanks for coming, Richard," Buster told him.

"Oh..." Richard sighed then stomped his foot.

But he stomped it on Ray!

"Oh, my...Ray! Are you all right?" Richard asked worriedly as he held the snail.

"Uh-huh," Ray answered weakly.

"Just hang in there, Ray. I got you. Ooh. Oh. Whoopsie. Oh," Richard assured as he farted while exiting the theater.

"Okay, then I'll take...Jamie and Daniel. Thank you, Johnny," Buster decided.

Johnny sighed sadly but gave Jamie a sad smile. He started walking toward the exit as Jamie watched sadly. She was glad to be in, but after meeting Johnny, she wanted to do it with him.

"Daniel, can you hear me? You're in the show!" Buster yelled up to the giraffe, making Jamie snap from her thoughts.

"What? Are you talking to me?" Daniel asked, his voice sounding distant.

"Yes. I was saying that you are in--" Buster said through Miss Crawly's megaphone, then said, "Oh, geez, this is gonna drive me nuts. Johnny, get back here. You're in. Thank you, Daniel. Good-bye!"

"Yes!" Johnny and Jamie cheered.

Johnny looked at her, in which she blushed and smiled, making him do the same as he came back to the stage.

"Okay. That's everyone on my list," Buster said, everyone else groaned, then Buster requested, "Um, wait a second. Rosita. Is Rosita still here?"

"Oh, yes. Yes, I'm here," Rosita answered as she approached the koala.

"Rosita, Rosita, Rosita. Great set of pipes, but boring to watch," Buster replied.

"I knew it," Rosita sighed sadly.

"So, what should I do? I could partner you up with Gunter," Buster decided then called out, "Gunter! Where are you?"

"Ja! Ja! This is me," the German pig called and leapt towards Rosita then posed.

Buster laughed in approval.

"Ja! It's gonna spice things up on stage," he remarked.

"Wait. You want us to sing together?" Rosita asked.

"Ja! The two of us together, you joking me? We're going to be spicy, no?" Gunter said excitedly.

"At least we're both in, Rosita," Jamie whispered.

"Yeah," Rosita nodded.

She walked off as Johnny approached Jamie.

"You two know each other?" he asked.

"Yeah; she and her husband are my parents' best friends and they're like second parents to me," Jamie answered.

"Gotcha," Johnny responded.

Their eyes locked and for a minute, time stopped. But they chuckled nervously and he rubbed the back of his neck while she rubbed her arm shyly when they realized what happened. Things ought to be interesting.


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