Chapter 5: Auditions Part 1

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Buster's alarm clock went off and he woke up to turn it off, then bumped his head. He brushed his teeth then got dressed.

"Let's go to work," he said.

He used his feet to open the drawer of his desk that he lived in and sat in his chair.

"And cue the crazy old lizard," he said just before Miss Crawly walked in.

"Good morning, Mr. Moon," she greeted.

"Indeed it is, Miss Crawly. Top of the morning to you," Buster said.

"I made you some coffee," Miss Crawly remarked, handing him an empty mug.

"You did? Where is it?" Buster wondered.

"Oh, I got a little thirsty on the way up those stairs," Miss Crawly answered then suggested, "Shall I go open the doors now?"

"The doors?" Buster asked.

"Well, you've got a lot of animals waiting in line to audition, Mr. Moon," she explained.

"I do?" he said.

He looked outside to see a long line of animals that continued past the block.

"Holy moly, I really do," he replied to himself.

He immediately called Eddie to let him know his plan worked.

"I swear to you, Eddie, this is no joke. Look, just get down here and see for yourself. I gotta go," Buster exclaimed, laughed as he hung up the phone, then told Miss Crawly, "This is it, Miss Crawly. Get your scaly tail downstairs and throw those doors open wide."

The animals started piling in the theater and were ready to audition.

"Okay, uh, one at a time, please. Calm down," Miss Crawly directed.

The auditions immediately began.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Rosita were getting the kids ready for school after they got ready themselves.

"Bye, Iggy. Bye, Perry. Bye, Carla. Bye, Gail. Bye, Rory. Bye, Mickey. Bye, Moe. Bye, Nelson. Bye, Hannah. Bye, Tess. Bye-bye, Caspar. Phew!" Rosita breathed.

She pulled out the flyer and looked at it with determination then grabbed her purse.

"You ready to go, Jamie?" Rosita called.

"Yeah. Let's go," Jamie answered.

And they left for the theater.


A/N Auditions have started, but who will be the lucky few?

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