Chapter 4: From $1,000 to $100,000 in Two Seconds

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Buster called Miss Crawly on his office phone.

"Miss Crawly?" he said.

"Hello?" she answered, the fan blew her face back and made her glass eye spin in her eye socket, and continued, "Uh, who is it?"

"It's me. Your boss, Mr. Moon," Buster replied.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Moon," Miss Crawly greeted.

"There we go. Now, I need you to add the following information to our publicity flyers," Buster requested.

"Yes, sir," Miss Crawly stated.

"'The winner of the singing contest
will receive a grand prize of...$935.'
Hmm. Gonna need more than that.
Just a second," Buster said, looking in his lunchbox of money.

So he put some extra stuff in this chest and closed it shut.

"'$1,000.' You got that?" Buster asked.

"Uh, $1,000...Oh! Oh!" Miss Crawly stated then the fan got her in the face again, but this time, it blew her glass eye out.

She struggled to get it, but it landed on the zero key on the keyboard twice, making $1,000 into $100,000. And the worst part, Miss Crawly didn't even notice! The glass eye then rolled under the piano bench.

"Print 'em up on every single sheet
of paper we have left and let's spread the word right away, okay?" Buster instructed.

"Yes, uh, yes, sir," Miss Crawly said, started printing the flyers, and bent down to get her glass eye, saying, "Oh, okay. Come on out of there."

The flyers continued to print into a huge stack.

Buster opened his window and took a deep breath.

"Ah, the winds of change. Yep, when this show's a hit, I'm gonna get you a fresh coat of paint," he promised the theatre, put on his jacket, and asked, "How are we doing with those flyers, Miss Crawly?"

"Oh, yes, sir. We're all good to go here," Miss Crawly answered, holding the flyers.

Then the fan blew all the flyers out of her hands and out the window.

"Miss Crawly, no! No, no, no, no, no, no!" Buster exclaimed.

"Oopsie-Daisy," Miss Crawly said.

"Oh, well, I guess that's one way to spread the word," Buster shrugged.

The flyers soared through the air, getting everyone's attention.

A few caught on Lance's and Ash's quills as they were getting on the train.

"Hey, Lance, look at this," Ash said excitedly.

Then the train doors closed, leaving Lance the only one in the train.

"Ash, babe, hey!" he exclaimed as the train left.

While closing the garage door after escaping the cops, one of the flyers made it in with Johnny and he looked at it. A smile appeared on his face, but he quickly hid the flyer in his jacket when his dad and other gang members walked in.

Meena hummed as the music played through her headphones while she watered the plants.

"Meena!" her mom exclaimed, getting her attention.

She looked at the flyer her mom and grandpa showed her and smiled.

A nun looked at the flyer, but tossed it away right into Mike as he was playing.

"Hey, hey, hey! What do you think you--?" he started to yell until he looked at the flyer and smiled excitedly.

Rosita and Jamie were doing the dishes when one of the flyers appeared at the window. They read it and hugged each other excitedly.

"This is it, Jamie! We can do this!" Rosita exclaimed.

"Yeah, we can. So how do you want to do this? Two solos or a duet?" Jamie asked.

"Well, let's do two solos and whoever makes it in and wins, we can split it," Rosita suggested.

"Deal. But prepare to lose, Mom!" Jamie joked.

"Oh, it's on, girl!" Rosita challenged, chuckling.

And everyone got ready for the next day.


A/N So, the prize money is $99,000 short, but no one knows. Wow. But time for auditions.

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