Chapter 1: Buster Moon

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Once there was a way to get back homeward
Once there was a way to get back home
Sleep, little darling, do not cry
And I will sing a lullaby

"This was it. The moment it all began. The moment an ordinary little guy fell in love with the theater. Everything about it. The lights, the way the scenery moved, even the smell. He was only six years old, but his plans to become the first koala bear in space were suddenly toast. Some folks may have said he grew up to be the greatest showman the city has ever seen. Some called him a visionary, a Maverick. Sure, some folks said he was as crazy as he was stubborn, but I say wonder and magic don't come easy, pal. And, oh, there would never be any doubt, the name Buster Moon would go down in entertainment history. And I should know, because I am Buster--" Buster started explaining to no one in particular.

"Moon! Open this door!" someone shouted from outside his office.

"Good morning, Mr. Moon," Miss Crawly greeted as she walked in.

"Miss Crawly. What, uh...What's going on?" Buster asked.

"You got a lot of animals waiting to see you, Mr. Moon," she answered.

"I do?" he wondered, looked through the blinds, then responded, "Holy moly, I really do."

"Yeah, it's the stage crew from your last show. They say their paychecks bounced," Miss Crawly said.

"Tell 'em I'll call up the bank and make sure they're paid tout de suite," Buster requested.

"Oh, I got Judith from the bank holding on line two right now, sir," Miss Crawly stated.

"Um, actually, I'm gonna have to call her back," he said, a little nervous at the mention of Judith's name.

"Oh. What should I tell her this time?" Miss Crawly asked.

"Tell her Buster Moon is out to lunch," Buster answered.

He went out his secret entrance to the top of the theater where he walked across wooden boards and down on a moon. It was lowered to the stage, he got off, grabbed his bike, and pedaled to a restaurant to talk to his buddy, Eddie.


A/N Things are pretty rocky for the Moon Theater, but Buster has hope he can turn it around.

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