22~The old's jealousy.

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Dylan's POV

"Hey," I greet Trisha.

"Hey, you're here to see Marie?" She asks. Who else would I be here to see? I nod my head and she gives me a smile, "they called a meeting a while ago and she's still in there?" She says.

I tap my nails on the desk and think about what to do. I did not just come all the way here for no reason, "How long is the meeting going to take?" I ask her.

"Um... I don't know, but it's been thirty minutes so it shouldn't be that long until it ends," she says. "Just sit here and wait for her, she'll pass here to get back to her office," she says typing away on her computer. 

''K, thanks," I tell her still standing there. I hate sitting in lobbies, it's just weird. I notice that she is standing up and her chair is empty so I walk behind her desk to take a seat.

"What are you doing?" She asks as I grab her rollie chair.

"Taking a seat, what else?" I sit down and she just shakes her head getting back to work. "You okay?" I ask her.

"Yeah, why?"

"I don't know, you just don't seem like your chirpy self-today," I tell her leaning back on the chair. This chair feels really comfortable for some reason. "Is your hair naturally red?" I ask her. I just noticed that her hair is red, I guess that I never paid attention to that.

"Yeah," she says without turning around. One of the hallway doors open and people start coming out, the meeting is over. "Hey Trish," multiple people say one after the other as they pass Trisha to go back to their work. Marie-Anne comes out after a few minutes talking to somebody, an older man. They stand in the middle of the lobby talking, he says something and Marie-Anne's veins pops out indicating that she is getting furious.

They stop talking, the man walks away, but Marie-Anne doesn't move.  She rubs her hands over her face for a moment walking up to Trisha, "Hey Trisha, did Tyler come here yet?" She asks.

"No," she simply says. I roll the chair behind Trisha by the high top of her desk. I like this, she can't see me, Trisha turns around looking at me about to tell her that I am here, but I shake my head no. "He's probably running late," she adds.

"Who's running late?" Someone asks. I recognized that voice, who wouldn't? The husky voice, the stupid accent, and that tone. "Hey Trish," he says to Trisha. Marie-Anne punches him lightly on the chest, he holds into his chest dramatically. They then start walking further away from the desk, so I can't hear what they are saying. "Oh, I forgot to ask, how's that boy of yours?" He yells over to Trisha jokingly.

"Shut up, Tyler!" Trisha yells back to him.

"Leave her alone," Marie-Anne says to Tyler loud enough for Trisha to hear. They then go back to seriousness. Marie-Anne starts moving her hands as she talks to Tyler. He takes his time, paying attention to every word she says, he nods his head after each pause. She stops talking and Tyler says something making her chuckle, he smiles putting her loose string of hair behind her ears.

They talk for a while before she decides to start walking to her office with him, "Marie," Trisha says.

"What's up?" She asks standing on the side of the desk. Trisha turns and points to me, "Dylan?" She asks. I smile at her awkwardly, "Ty, can you give me a minute, my office's open," she says. Tyler nods his head walking away, "what are you doing here?" She asks me. I get up from the chair walking up to her.

"Nothing," I say scratching the back of my head.

"You want to grab a coffee?" She asks looking around the lobby.

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