22| the replacements

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"SO he really asked you out?" Taehyung asked, shoving a spoonful of frozen yogurt in his mouth. They were in a fro-yo restaurant that they came across after walking to the other side of the city to pick up supplies for Taehyung's anatomy project. They decided to stop by and now they were both on their fourth cup of frozen yogurt. They sat towards the back at a bar table, sort of sectioned off from the main sitting room.

"Tech-Technically no," Jimin frowned, shoveling his frozen treat into his mouth, "H-Hani can't g-go—"

"So you're her replacement." Taehyung concluded.

Jimin's brows furrowed, hurt written across his face, "I—Tae, that's—"

"Sorry, I'm so sorry." Taehyung bit his lip, "I didn't mean that—"

"It's o-okay Tae, I me-mean you a-aren't w-wrong."

"No! He asked you cause he wanted to hang, trust me." Taehyung frowned, trying to backtrack, "You two are good friends so why wouldn't he ask you?"

"You w-were right. I-I basically a-am just a-a replacement f-for Hani."

Taehyung sighed and moved over to Jimin's side of the booth, "Hey don't think like that. I didn't mean what I said. You're better than Hani, you're prettier too."

"D-Did you j-just call me p-pretty?"

"Yes," Taehyung smiled, "And I have no regrets about it. You're gorgeous, so don't be sad."

"I c-cant get o-over the fact th-that you called me pr-pretty."

"Shut up," Taehyung chuckled, "Anyway, you're going to that water park with Jungkook and you're going to look fucking bomb and seduce the shit out of him—"


"—And make him question why he thinks he's straight."

"I l-love you s-so much." Jimin laughed.

Jimin's laugh sounded like pure heaven, and Taehyung wanted to faint. Taehyung smiled, eyes sad, cheeks tinted slightly red, "I love you too, man."


"Do they have onion rings here?" Jungkook asked, flipping through the menu.

"How them hell am I suppose to know?" Taehyung laughed, pouring sugar into his hand.

"You're aren't." Jungkook grinned.

They were at a restaurant in the next town over. Jimin was on his way, so Taehyung and Jungkook found a spot to sit and were now forced to make random comments at each other until their friend arrived.

"Hey, can I ask you something."

"No." Taehyung answered, licking the sugar off his hand. He poured more onto his palm.

Jungkook laughed, "Well, fuck you bitch."

"Shut up and ask me your god damn question."

"Okay," Jungkook put down his menu. He folded his hands on the table and leaned forward, "Do you like Jimin?"

"Course, he's a pretty epic friend." Taehyung nodded, "He buys me food too."

Jungkook whacked him on the head with his menu, "No, you idiot. I meant are you attracted to him?"

"Sure, he's hot." Taehyung grinned, "Have you seen him? I mean, damn."

"I actually hate you."

"Feelings mutual."

Jungkook facepalmed, "Do you have a crush on Jimin or not?"

Taehyung blinked, glancing up from the small pile of sugar on his hand, "What makes you ask that?"

"Well, I mean, you just seem like you like him." Jungkook shrugged, "You're awful touchy with him, and you blush when he so much as smiles at you."

"Damn, I'm really fucking obvious." Taehyung muttered to himself.

"So you do like him?"

"Yeah," Taehyung smiled softly.

Jungkook broke out into a grin, "Holy shit, I'm so setting you two up!"

"Yeah, no you're not."

"Why not? He's single, you're single. It works."

"Uh yeah, that's great, except for the fact where he's very much into someone else right now."

"I don't think so."

Taehyung rolled his eyes, "I wouldn't expect you to, you're an oblivious dumbass."


Taehyung shrugged.

"Seriously though, you guys are perfect."

"Nah, we're better as friends." Taehyung smiled sadly, "Besides, he's pretty set on the guy he likes."

"Speaking of that, who is it?"


"The guy Jimin likes, who is he?"

"Can't say."

"Why not?"

Taehyung chuckled, "Best friend 101, dude."

"Awe c'mon."

Taehyung just shook his head and glanced over Jungkook's shoulder, "Jimin's here. This conversation is over."

"For now."

Taehyung sighed. He stood up to greet Jimin with a hug when the elder made it to their table. They sat down and Jungkook started asking questions about onion rings again.

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