Chapter 2

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Keeping the Bad Boy Rep

A/N: I'm going to try writing in a guy's perpective. Tell me how you like it!!! Enjoy!!!!


Jake's POV:

It has been a week since school started and I have met almost everyone. All the girls here are practically drooling over me. My teachers have high "expectations". I do go to a spy school. I think I will have to work way harder to keep straight A's in this school. I know I'm supposed to be a bad boy but I don't what to be saying " Would you like fries with that?" for a living.

When I got here everyone wanted me to be in there little group. This school is all cliques. The popular ones approched me first but I don't do 'popular'. I met this girl Lilly. She is about 5'5 and she has long, curly, brown hair. She's pretty cool. She has the locker next to mine so I'm friends with her and her friends , Chris, John, and Kaitie. I have to admit Lilly is hot but she would never go for a guy like me. She is too much of a good girl and I'm the bad boy. I don't really care though. I could have any girl in this school. Girls go crazy over guys like me.

I got to school and saw Lilly by her locker so I decided to play with her a little. I sneak up behind her, grab her waist and just as she turns around, I throw her over my shoulder. "AHHHHH! Put me down" she screamed. I did as she said and she actually started laughing.....then she slapped me playfully in the face. " I am going to get revenge for this" she said." I'm still waiting for the payback you promised me last time I scared you." I said cleverly. The warning bell rang. "We will settl...." just as she started talking I whispered in her hear "You know you can't get back at me. You like me too much princess". She instantly started blushing and I smirked and walked away. I had that technique down perfectly.

I was sitting in my seat 1st period and Lilly walked in giving me the 'evil eye'. I was happy we don't sit near each other because if we did she would probably be torchering me right now for her revenge. I thought I was lucky intill Mason McHenry, the football team captain, got in trouble. " Mason, si prega di passare sedili con Jake," ( Mason, Please switch seats with Jake) said Mr. Becklie. We are studying Italian this month. Great, now I have to sit right behind Lilly. She can easily get back at me for my pranks now.

Lilly didn't try to get back at me today but she is probably planning her revenge. Anyway after lunch in Missions class we were assigned our first mission. We all had to work in groups of three. The whole clique is in this class. Chris and Kaitie were in the same group. John got paired with the two most popular girls in school. He smirked when he got in that group. I was with Lilly and Mason.

"Okay, your mission is to trail Mrs. Saltswick without getting caught. Find out what she drank for lunch today. Don't forget you may have to look through the garbage to find an empty can. This mission will not have technology included so remember the hand signals I taught you two days ago." Mr.Halls said and I got pumped up for the mission. "Okay. We got it " Mason said getting ready to go. " Hear that sweetheart? We get to be super spies together" I whispered in her ear. I love making her blush. Hey I am good looking and not afraid to admit it so call me conceited but I only speak the truth. "Yeah yeah yeah. Lets get on with it already " she said.

"Alright here is the plan. We will wait for Mrs. Saltswick to take her class out for the science project. Jake will make sure the coast is clear. Lilly will come in through the back entrance to the classroom and find the trash can she threw the bottle in. I will pull it out of the trash can and we get out of there," Mason said acting all smart. We started the plan. It took longer than we thought for Mrs. Saltswick to leave the classroom with her students. She finally did and we followed through with our plan. Just as Lilly found the bottle of Crystal Light Mrs. Saltswick walked through the door and caught me and Lilly in her room. "What are you guys doing in here?" she asked firmly. "" Lilly stumbled and I covered for us being the bad boy has made me learn how to lie easily. "I thought I left my textbook here yesterday and Lilly came to help me look for it." I said and just a couple moments later Mason ran through the door holding up a chemestry textbook saying "I found it. You must have dropped it by your locker...... Oh, hi Mrs. Saltswick." "Hi Mason, I'm glad you found it. You guys better get back to class." she said sweetly "Ok. Thank You" Lilly said.

That was a close one. We got back to class with the Crystal Light bottle and the class clapped. We were the last group done and Mr. Halls was impressed we covered our tracks after getting caught on our first mission. "Well I'm not trying to brag but...." Mason was rambling on to the rest of the class about the mission. "We make a pretty sexy team don't we" I asked Lilly smirking. "I don't know about you but my side of this 'team' is pretty sexy. I've seen better for your half" Lilly said playing with me. "Ouch" I put my hand over my heart pretending to be hurt. " What I hurt your ego or something" she said. Jeez this girl is feisty today.

I got home and greeted my sister Christina. She is my legal guardian. She is 21 and we are very close. When we where little our parents dropped us off at an orphanage and we have been going from house to house intill she was old enough to take care of me. Being and orphan made me act out and ever since I was 12 I had the bad boy reputation and could never get rid of it.

I went upstairs to my room and decided to do my homework and go to bed because I was exhausted. All I could think about is Lilly. Why do I get such a weird feeling in my stomach when I'm around her? I never felt that before. I fell asleep thinking about her. I hope she does the same thinking about me.


A/N: Next chapter will be in Lilly's POV. It was kinda hard writing as Jake.

* See Jake has a soft side too. What do you think of it?

* Do you think Mason may have a thing for Lilly?



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