Annie96 Is Typing...

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annie96: you asleep??

mcdavey: no.. guess you're not either :p

annie96: can't.. it's the wind.. sounds like cats fighting. whats your excuse? :p

mcdavey: studying :(

annie96: so that's what they call porn now? :p

mcdavey: annie wtf!!!

annie96: not denying it? :p

mcdavey: I still can't believe what johnny did today!!

annie96: me neither.. that boy has issues..

annie96: wtf the winds so loud.. that doesn't seem normal lol

mcdavey: No wind over here. Just rain.

annie96: Lucky you. i need my beauty sleep! :p

mcdavey: Damn right you do ;)

annie96: what? you mean i look

annie96: shit i think i heard footsteps on the gravel outside

mcdavey: Get your crazy dad to check it out :p

annie96: i'm home alone! the fam are on holiday remember? i told you this!

mcdavey: Really? Till when? We should hang out :D

annie96: they really sound like footsteps but theres something odd about them.. i should look out the window but my bed is so warm!

mcdavey: Sure you wanna look out the window when you're alone? What if there really is someone there in your garden, looking up at you? :p


mcdavey: wow chill.. I'm sure it's nothing

annie96: gonna check brb

mcdavey: if there's something strange in your neighborhood

mcdavey: Who ya gonna call?

annie96: David theres someone in the garden!!!

mcdavey: What really?

annie96: YES, i can see a mans back...

mcdavey: What's he doing?

annie96: he's looking for something? on his hands and knees in the bushes...

mcdavey: haha he must be high.. probably looking for his drugs :p

annie96: david this is serious! what should i do??

mcdavey: nothing? He'll probably go away by himself :)

annie96: omg now he's digging with his bare hands.. he's ruining the garden!

annie96: shit hes turning around

mcdavey: What does he look like?


mcdavey: What??


mcdavey: what are you talking about??

annie96: i can see you! in my garden! how are you writing here wihtout touching your phone? look up! i'm by the window can't you hear me banging on it?

mcdavey: Fuck annie now you're scaring me too.. I'm definitely not in your garden. That's not me.

annie96: STOP PLAYING AROUND. i can see your face. and youre wearing that stupid football jacket your so proud of!

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