Prompt #12

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                Prompt: Can you do a prompt where Leon and Brennan's extended families interact? Like maybe a family reunion with the two families? I kinda wanna see if his grandpa says something snarky and Brennan's parents get defensive

                A.N.- I'm assuming you meant Leon's grandpa. I also couldn't think of a reason for the two families to get together when the boys are still teens, so I changed it to a dinner thing and I hope you don't mind!!


                "Matt, will you please make a decision with your shirt? Either you're tucking it in or you're not, but don't leave it half tucked in. You look stupid," mom said as we got out of the car.

                Dad frowned down at his shirt. "I didn't mean to leave it like this" He untucked his shirt and straightened it.

                "You're both a mess," I said.

                "And you're a pain in the ass," mom said.

                "Love you too," I grumbled, stepping up to the door and ringing the doorbell.

                Leon's family had invited us to come to dinner tonight. They were having Leon's grandparents up, which had me ready to shoot myself. I'd had the misfortune of meeting Leon's grandpa before and picking a little fight with him.

                Abby opened the door and smiled. "Hello, everyone. Thank you so much for coming. George's parents were coming to dinner and we thought it'd be nice to invite everyone else."

                We stepped inside and Abby led us through to the dining room. Two old lumps of meat sat in chairs across the table.

                Well, okay, Constance's parents had as much dignity as wrinkles. His parents were neatly put together, his mom offering a polite smile. His dad gave me a cold look.

                "Frank, Leandra, this is Leon's boyfriend Brennan, and his parents Matt and Elena," Abby introduced.

                "I remember that Maroon boy," Frank said.

                "Brennan," mom said, shooting me a look. "I wish we'd had your mouth surgically removed when you were born."

                "I don't need words to piss people off, mom. Just ask Constance," I said, taking a seat.

                "I don't believe we met when Leon brought you to the family gathering," Leandra said, holding his hand out across the table.

                I shook it. "No, we didn't. I was busy hiding with Leon."

                Frank checked the time and looked impatient. "Abby, where is my son? Why isn't he ever on time? And where is that lazy boy of yours? Takes after his father. Can't be on time to save his life."

                "Adam is on his way. His girlfriend and her parents couldn't make it tonight. Adam had to finish up some business with work," Abby said. She seemed used to Frank's moodiness. God bless this woman if she could deal with George Constance and Frank Constance without going batshit crazy.

                I looked over as Leon and Caroline entered the room together. They were talking, looking at something on Caroline's phone. Leon looked up and noticed me.

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