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   "I'm sorry, honey. I really am. And I'll have a deep fucking conversation with Kani about the cocaine. God!" He felt so disappointed, Estella awkwardly nibbling on her lower lip. "I'm sorry. I had absolutely no idea that she was even into that."

   "It's not just her fault, it was my decision. I guess I was still fucked up about Harry that I didn't care anymore. I've learned from it, had a lot of thinking last night and I know it was wrong and I apologize for scaring you."

   He was silent. "You don't feel any withdrawals do you? It's not like last time is it? Because if it is you need to tell me so I can help."

   "I feel fine, really." She kept it short and sweet. She really did feel fine, but she just wanted to stop talking about it. "It's not like last time."

   "Alright honey. I'm really glad you called, I just really needed to hear it from you even though Damiun gave me the details—I still needed to know if you were okay. It's a scary fucking thing."

   "I've dealt with it before, I'll be okay."

   David rolled his lips in, knowing exactly what she had been referring to and it wasn't about the cocaine. Honestly, his stomach clenched. "Well I gotta go, see you at work tomorrow boss?"

   Estella laughed. "See you."

   "I love you."

   "Love you more."

  Hanging up her phone, she closed her eyes while pressing the device to her chest, steadying her breathing to block away the tears that wanted to rush down so badly. When her eyes popped open, she was met with a man running unnervingly fast toward her way which caused her body to be knocked to the ground, books flying out of her hands and phone splatting face down on the cement as well as her hands which had now been scraped, hissing in pain at the collision. "El cabrón!"

   "Fuck, I am so sorry. Are you okay?"

   The sound of his voice instantly made her freeze, leveling her head and fixing her glasses after they had been thrown off her face to see the one man she had been avoiding. His hand reached out to lift her up, Estella clenching her teeth in both anger and in pain that he really just ran over her like that. She scoffed, pushing away his hand and helping herself up, whimpering in slight pain as she stood back to her full height. "The fuck is wrong with you?! You didn't see me standing here? And if you did and you knocked me down just to get my fucking attention again you can honestly fuck off."

   "Estella I honestly didn't know it was you. I was running and I had my eyes shut I swear." Harry hastily stumbled out.

   "So you didn't know I was here? Bullshit."

   "I'll admit I was following you," Harry bent down to retrieve her books from the ground. "Only because I had already seen you and you've been dogging my calls."

   "Seems like you gave up on the last one though, right?" She said, snatching one of the books from the ground quickly before he got to it.

   "I felt like I was pestering you."

   She wanted to smack him across his face and scream at him for so many reasons. One, he broke one of her lenses. Two, her phone screen cracked. Three, her palms and left knee were bleeding. Four, one of her books got soaked in a puddle nearby. Five, he was fucking stalking her. And six, he was here with her. She didn't want to see him until she was ready and now he ruined that step of growth for her to bypass. She wanted to do this on her own terms, and now she just knew he was going to bring it up to move past it and try to make her forgive him. Could she?

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