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     RAYE RUNNING INTO HER the second she stepped inside of her and Damiun' home had given Estella a sense of comfort. She was incredibly glad to have people like Damiun and Raye in her life that cared about her and would drop everything they were doing just to make sure she was okay. They weren't the type of friends to ignore and leave her crying and hurt all alone. They wouldn't even sleep at night knowing that someone they loved were in pain. The three of them had a group chat labeled, "peachy squad" only because they all deeply loved peaches.

   That one group chat had been filled with so many gifs, long paragraphs, rants, you name it. Every night before bed, they'd all type out how they were feeling that day and did anything throw them off or make them uncomfortable and it was a form of therapy. Not just because Damiun was a therapist and he suggested it—But because they loved one another so much that abandoning one another's emotions were unacceptable. Cheesy? Maybe. But at least they had each other's backs until they were buried 6 feet under dirt.

   Estella resented waking up early. But this time she felt it was right to get out and have her own space. Before leaving them both, she wrote a little note in their chat informing them of her a sense from their home for a few hours of relaxation. Estella had washed away all events of last night, thankful for Raye giving her a few painkillers to ease her throbbing forehead with a soothing warm shower. She wrote a simple crop top and jean shorts that happened to be mid-thigh. A while back whenever they stayed over each other's houses they always left clothes, so Estella was happy to say the least that she could still fit the clothes she left.

   Her hair was up in a ponytail given it was close to being 80 degrees outside and she didn't feel like sweating with hair sticking to her skin. She borrowed one of Raye' backpacks and stuffed her wallet inside along with a bottle of water and a few makeup essentials that had already been inside her purse. The first thing she did was walk around NYC recording videos of clouds and taking pictures of her face without smiling. The warmth of the sun and the delicate breeze of air finally had her feeling happy. She forgot about everything in that moment, stopping by Dunkin Donuts to get her a French vanilla latte with extra caramel, smiling at people as she walked by and even handed a few bills to homeless people on the streets.

   Eventually she made her way to the local library, searching through the wide-range of options to take home a few novels for her enjoyment. When choosing books, Estella always judged it by its cover. She knew she wasn't supposed to, but 99 percent of the time, the books with the beautiful covers were the best and they caught her attention by far. There were many novels that she cringed at, though made funny faces after reading the description plastered on the back.

   "Dirty Uncle by Alexa Riley." She read to herself, knowing that the book had been an erotic novel and that it also included incest. Did she want to read it? Yes. Would it make her uncomfortable? Probably. Then she found a book titled "Twist Me" which was a book by Anna Zaires about a girl named Nora who was kidnapped and taken to a private island by a guy named Julian. Again, an erotic novel. That tended to be the main genre she would come across and actually take her time in reading. Other books were boring to her besides Twilight or Harry Potter.

   She spent a good hour inside the library, gathering about five books out of the entire store that spiked her interests, checking them out while having a friendly conversation with a elderly librarian and heading out. As she made her way out, she figured it was best to call David and inform him on her safety even though Damiun made him aware of what happened she still felt like she needed to apologize.

   "Estella, are you okay? Please tell me you are!" David answered immediately.

   Estella sighed, pushing open the door to let herself out, the sun hitting her eyes again before she pulled on her prescribed glasses, eyes overly sensitive. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry I couldn't let you know I was leaving. I was too panicky and I needed to leave right away."

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