Another poem you might not read

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I made this poem just for you I won't tell you but for you :)

Forever alone were the words I repeated to myself but that all changed when I meet you.....<3

Another Poem v v v v :P

What is love?

Is it when I hold you close to me when you need someone the most

Or when I gentle kiss you to tell you I care

Or when I wipe away the tears you cry

I dream of your gorgeous looks

I tell you I Love You 

And you say... 

How could you love someone like me?

I'm not pretty like people want me to be 

And all I say...

Don't be what other's want you to be

Be the girl that I fell in love with

Be you!

They can't change you unless you let them

NOTE : Yea this poem sucks :l I was sitting in class when I wrote this I wrote this on tiny sheets of paper :3 to lazy to get a big one xD and I wrote with crayons c:

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