I'm not sure from the last chapter but I want to remind you guys that in my story, when one is changed into a vampire, the human has to drink the blood of the vampire and then has to die. 


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The pain... 

I hadn't imagined such excruciating pain. 

When Michael had bitten me it was intimate. It made me feel like I was connected to him. 

But this? 

No, this made me feel like hot searing fire was soaring through my veins. Being sucked out through my veins more like. The sounds escaping throat, they didn't sound like me but they were.

The screams I was unknowing unleashing sounded, for lack of a better metaphor, like I'd just opened the closet in a horror movie.

I was pulling, scratching, kicking to get away but she just kept going.

She kept drinking. And when she finally did stop, the pain never left. She let me fall to the ground probably like all the rest of her victims. My heart was working overtime to pump whatever was left around my body. My breaths coming out slow and shallow. 

"Oh, be quiet you two," I heard from above. "She'll be fine in a minute."

I glanced up and saw her crouched beside me. Her eyes a pitch black, her teeth razor sharp. And my blood at the corner of her mouth. 

She lifted her wrist to her mouth for a split second...

Before placing it over mine.

Now, that had Michael shouting and thrashing like mad.

I couldn't fight against it, I was too weak. I was growing less and less weaker as I had no choice but to swallow her blood however. I hadn't had this much before. She pulled it away and grabbed my forearm to help me up. 

"See? She's fine! Well, for now. Because if she dies she becomes mine. What a twist, hmm? So, Evie, can I call you Evie? Oh, what does it matter?" She lifted my slack head to face them. Michael was staring at me like I'd grown a new head. He was scared which made me even more scared. Tate's or should I say Nate's eyes had darkened beyond belief as he stared at Florence. 

Just as she had opened her mouth to speak again, Nate had used his inhuman speed to grab the fire poker and stabbed it straight through Stan's shoulder. I gasped but I don't think anyone could tell. I was breathing heavily as it was. But still, I was surprised he'd done it. Sure, on TV you see movies where people stab others with a knife but hell it wasn't real. But this? Seeing it done so effortlessly and swiftly had me cringing and shaking. Technically, it wasn't the only reason I was shaking. The shock of the bite had the adrenaline pumping through my body on overtime.

Michael was shaking his head as Ronald reprimanded Nate with ease. Stan was on the floor scrambling to pull the poker out of his shoulder without causing too much of a mess.

"Nathaniel," Florence chuckled. "You've ruined my rug. That hot temper of yours will get you in trouble. That's why I'd changed my choice. Evie, my dear," Her arm was around my waist holding me up whilst her head rested on my shoulder. "I have a new proposition. It won't be your choice anymore, it'll be theirs. If they want you to live as a human, one of them must die. But they must decide which one. Not you. If neither of them die, well, you do."

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